Some would see the challenge – Robert Reagan saw the opportunity

Persistence pays. Just ask Robert Reagan. Robert is a recent graduate of ECPI University in Raleigh, North Carolina, with an Associate’s in Network Security. It took a lot of determination for him be to a graduate starting a new job as a Lap-top Technician at Flextronics.

Robert spent his former life as a tractor trailer driver. After experiencing and surviving two heart attacks, Robert received strong encouragement from doctors to leave his job due to the risk of his health and life. Without that income and no other employment Robert lost everything: his home, land, car and more devastating – his son whom he had raised until that point.

With supportive friends, Robert moved in with one and was taken to ECPI University where another friend paid the admissions fee. He passed his admissions exam and began his schooling aspiring to change his life path.

Adversity didn’t end there for Robert. Over the course of his schooling he moved four times trying to reduce his commute which was many times on foot, walking to and from school despite the distance or weather conditions. He experienced more health problems with his heart which were finally addressed; however this set him back two months in school. The degree program should have taken him a year and a half but took him two.

He had great support from the staff of ECPI. When he needed a ride, Gloria Hicks, Director of Student Affairs, helped him find a car pool. When he needed a part-time job, Alan Levinson, Director of Career Services, helped him to find a job that would work around his school schedule. When finances were exceptionally tight, Robert benefited from the goodwill of people who wanted him to succeed.

Robert now sees a positive future, “this has been a three year process, getting through the health problems, getting a new place, getting an education and getting my son back.” The job offer from Flextronics utilizing his education in network security was the turning point for Robert. “I have never seen anyone so excited,” said Gloria Hicks. “Robert said he was afraid he dreamed it.”

For Robert education was the key to changing his life. He is a great example of someone who worked to overcome the odds and search for an opportunity to begin a new life.