Teaching and Leading By Example

Soft spoken and humble are words to describe the Physicians for Peace 2010 Medical Diplomat Award honoree and Medical Careers Institute (MCI) registered nurse instructor Robin Jones. She seems to dislike talking about her recognitions, however, engage her in conversation about her work and volunteer efforts and her enthusiastic passion for each are unquestionable.

Celebrity may be something she will have to adjust to after being featured in the November 2010 Advance for Nurses and receiving word recently that a filmmaker reached out to Physicians for Peace to discuss a potential documentary on her life. “This is out of my comfort level,” exclaims Robin.

From left is Buzz Heidt, Chairman of Physicians for Peace and Board of Trustees, Donald Buckley, Board of Trustees and Robin Jones accepting 2010 Medical Diplomat Award.

Robin was honored for her humanitarian work as a nurse and midwife using the proverbial “teach a man to fish system.” Robin goes into medical communities and teaches the doctors, nurses and village health workers to make rudimentary masks that help provide newborn respiratory resuscitation, the basics of prenatal care and safe delivery, and develops relationships with traditional birth attendants. Over 800 people gathered to acknowledge her and other honorees at the Cavalier Beach Club in Virginia Beach on October 2, 2010.

She has often used a modeling technique to teach compassion. Evidently her compassion can also be felt by MCI students as one stopped her in the hall on the day of our interview to tell her thank you for her soothing role during skills testing which helped to keep this particular student calm.

Robin first joined Physicians for Peace on a mission to Monrovia, Liberia in 2007 later traveling to Pampaida, a village in Nigeria, in 2009 and 2010. It was during her first trip to Pampaida that she worked with a birth team to save the life of a hemorrhaging patient. Robin named the baby Mathias upon the grateful mother’s request and revisited them both on a Fact Find during her third trip in November 2010. Robin began teaching at MCI in 2008 and loves that her efforts are “making a difference” by teaching and encouraging nursing students so that they are better educated and therefore can be the agents of change in the medical community in an effort to make women more comfortable.

She also feels that giving time is important and doesn’t have to be across the world but can be done locally. She encourages students to “just do something with your talents.” She shared her talents in January locally with Eastern Virginia Medical School leading the Global Health Class discussion on “Millennium Development Goals for Maternal Health.”

Robin Jones is a Registered Nurse, Woman’s Health Nurse Practitioner and Certified Nurse Midwife. She teaches Maternity Nursing and Registered Nursing at the Virginia Beach, Virginia campus of MCI.