ECPI University Career Discovery Day Marks a New Beginning For Hundreds of People

ECPI University | Career Discovery DayIt happens just three times a year. That’s when every ECPI University campus rolls out the welcome mat for a cavalcade of visitors. “Career Discovery Day is an exciting event because it often marks the first step people take in changing their lives,” says ECPI University Director of Recruitment Chad Samuelson. “We try to create an environment where prospective students can gain meaningful insights into themselves, their potential, and the careers that most interest them.”

At campuses throughout Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina, guests were able to see what hands-on education is all about. In ECPI’s mechatronics labs, they saw built-to-scale, working models of advanced manufacturing systems and robotic arms. Those interested in nursing programs saw the amazing technology that powers today’s medical manikins which are used to create life-like learning scenarios for students. These simulation devices mimic nearly all of the functions of the human body; they sweat, exhibit asthma and heart attacks, run a temperature, and much more. [Read more...]