ECPI Students Win “Most Innovative” Award at Dominion Enterprises’ Hackathon

ECPI University students Adam Myers, Kenneth Crim, and Justin Norman are accompanied by their Dominion Enterprises coaches in accepting their award.

ECPI University students Adam Myers, Kenneth Crim, and Justin Norman are accompanied by their Dominion Enterprises coaches in accepting their award.

A team of three ECPI University students from the Newport News and Virginia Beach campuses has been honored with the “Most Innovative Award” at Dominion Enterprises’ 7th Annual Hackathon, HACKU2. The two-day event held at Dominion Enterprises’ headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia is designed for students to gain real world software development experience by collaborating and designing functional games and apps. This year, teams were tasked with designing and programming working games, or game-themed apps by utilizing nationally recognized API’s as well as some used by Dominion Enterprises itself.

Game and Simulation students Kenneth Crim and Adam Myers and Web Development student Justin Norman developed a new approach to authenticating whether a user is human or not. This has the potential to replace the existing CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computer and Humans Apart) challenge-response test method. This approach utilizes a smiley face and a scroll bar where the user selects a particular smiley face image and find its match on a scroll bar to authenticate that they are not a “bot” – thereby reducing the amount of spam on a web site.

Dominion Enterprises is a leading marketing services and publishing company serving the automotive, recreational and commercial vehicle, real estate, apartment rental, employment, parenting, and travel industries. The company’s businesses provide a comprehensive suite of technology-based marketing solutions including Internet advertising, lead generation, customer relationship management, website design and hosting, and data management services. The company has more than 45 market-leading websites reaching more than 20 million unique visitors monthly. More than 77 million For Rent®, Employment Guide® and® publications are distributed nationwide each year.

QEP Co-Chairs Recognized


A tip of the hat to Virginia Beach Campus Library Director Rebecca Tabakin and Regional Director of Career Services Kent Scearce for all the effort they put forth in helping develop ECPI University’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). Both served as co-chairs of the QEP Planning Committee for 2012-2013. Thank you for your dedication!

Thousands of Smiling Faces at Virginia Beach Graduation


Chrysler Hall was packed to the rafters on June 22 as hundreds of ECPI University students finished their academic journeys and received their diplomas. Thousands of proud family members added to the occasion with many cheers. Congressman Rob Andrews, a longtime champion of career-focused private sector schools, provided great advice as commencement speaker.

Student speaker William “Burt” Evans, Jr. provided plenty of inspiration, saying “Life is all about second chances, sometimes third; the most important thing to remember is to take full advantage of every opportunity that is given to you.”  Evans should know. After graduating high school in 1980, he attended college for a couple of years, but decided to join the Navy to serve his country. He spent four years as a radioman in the Gulf War, taking college courses when he could.

After his first tour, he returned to civilian life and worked as an office supply company sales representative before missing the service and rejoining the Navy. His second tour ended abruptly when his wife passed away, leaving him with their two young children. He returned home, got a job as a radio frequency technician and later met his second wife, Donna. Evans then decided to enroll at ECPI University to advance his career in information technology. He also wanted to take advantage of the school’s accelerated degree format and class schedule flexibility to be able to work, go to school and raise a family.

“I realized that to succeed in life and have marketable skills I would have to return to school and finish what I’d started years before,” said Evans, a Chesapeake resident. “I should have listened to my mom long ago, but it’s never too late to start again.”

Evans, 51, is graduated with a 3.66 GPA in Computer Information Science with a concentration in Network Security. While attending ECPI University he found a job as an ITO Service Delivery Representative with Hewlett Packard at the Norfolk Naval Base. He plans to remain at Hewlett Packard after graduation and utilize his degree to further his career.

Faculty/University Earn Top Cisco Designation

Dr. ViJay Bhuse

Dr. ViJay Bhuse


Mr. Larry Saccoia

Mr. Larry Saccoia


Mr. Al Portes

Mr. Al Portes

Faculty members Dr. ViJay Bhuse, Mr. Larry Saccoia, and Mr. Al Portes have earned the highly-coveted Cisco Academy Instructor Trainer certification, and are now authorized to train Cisco Academy Instructors worldwide.

The role of Instructor Trainer is the top teaching and technical role in the Cisco Networking Academy. These trainers are responsible for promoting academic and instructional excellence among Academy Instructors. In order to be designated as an Instructor Trainer, Cisco created a new rigorous qualification process requiring instructors to:

  • Be nominated from a Cisco Authorized Instructor Training Center
  • Achieve and maintain industry certification associated with the Networking Academy curriculum they will be teaching
  • Take and pass a pre-test
  • Pass a two day face-to-face evaluation, scheduled and delivered by a member of the Cisco Technical Advocacy Team.  (This evaluation includes hands-on configuration and troubleshooting, as well as preparing and presenting demo lectures.)

With these three Instructor Trainers, ECPI University is now designated a Cisco Academy Instructor Trainer Center (ITC) as well as a Cisco Academy Support Center (ASC), making it among just a few select locations on the east coast to have achieved this status.

As an ITC, ECPI can now provide training, technical support, and ongoing professional development for (and approve) new instructors. As an ASC, ECPI University is the provider of baseline support and partners with academies to promote a quality student experience, sustainability, and student success.

Moorefield CDAA Studies Efficacy of Training Videos

Paul NussbaumLR

Moorefield Campus Director of Academic Affairs Paul Nussbaum has co-authored Pilot Study: The Use of Electroencephalogram to Measure Attentiveness towards Short Training Videos, published in the International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications.

“As teachers, we all want to know how good our classes are, and the same holds true for the training videos that we create for podcasts, online and the mobile university,” says Nussbaum. “With the advent of sophisticated biometric electronics and signal analysis, we might be able to get a measurement of how attentive a student is while they’re watching a short training video. This article describes the pilot test of equipment and algorithms that use EEG (brain waves) to measure this. Now that the pilot test is complete, the research can begin to create this system and method.”