ECPI University Graduates and Students Meet with Texas Instruments

Student Ryan Rosenstock offers test taking tips to classmates.

Student Bryan Rosenstock offers test taking tips to classmates.

Texas Instruments' Darrell Krummee reviews a student's resume.

Texas Instruments’ Darrell Krummee reviews a student’s resume.

Tech Giant Returns to Campus Searching for New Employees

Texas Instruments (TI) is back on campus with ECPI in Virginia Beach. This marks the third time in the past year that the Fortune 200 Company has come to meet ECPI University’s soon-to-be graduates. TI has become a victim of its own success. Even with more than 35,000 employees in 35 countries and 100,000 customers, the tech giant continues to grow. Also, the average tenure for the company’s technicians is 20 years, so it’s clear that they are very happy but many are beginning to retire. [Read more...]