U.S. Navy Selects ECPI University to Teach Wounded Warriors

Navy College recently selected ECPI University to be among the first colleges and universities to participate in a pilot program to help injured Sailors and Marines continue their education through the Wounded Warrior Program. Classes will take place at Portsmouth Naval Hospital in Portsmouth, Virginia and will involve 15 to 20 students at the outset.

“We are extremely pleased to be involved in such a worthwhile project,” says Bob Larned, ECPI University Executive Director of Military Education. “These brave men and women spend most of their morning hours in rehab, but find themselves with a fair amount of down time in the afternoon as they recover from the strenuous activity. Giving them an opportunity to use this time to better themselves and explore career and educational opportunities really gets them focused on the future.”

ECPI faculty member Gerry White will be teaching the first course, English Composition 110, beginning in June. Not only will the students learn how to write college-level essays, they will also learn to integrate all of the class material with today’s latest technology as the entire course is being taught using iPads.  “Students will learn how to use Apps for research, upload papers, participate in virtual discussion forums and interact with a variety of social media tools including Pinterest, Twitter and, of course, Facebook,” says White. “For many of these service members, the latest technology may have passed them by during their tours of duty. This course will not only enhance their writing skills but also develop their technological acumen.”

This extension of the Wounded Warrior Program reflects the Navy College mission: To provide continual academic support to Sailors while they pursue a technical or college degree, regardless of their location or duty station. “This program is a great way to wet their appetite and get them thinking about entering the higher education system,” says Larned. “Ultimately, it’s about improving their quality of their lives.”






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