ECPI University Press Releases

Newport News Campus Adds Software Development Degree

Newport News, VA – ECPI University is pleased to announce that it is now offering a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer and Information Science with a concentration in Software Development at its Newport News campus.

The curriculum emphasizes teaching students how to write and maintain source code and become knowledgeable in the planning and structured process involved with software development. They are also instructed on how to develop efficient and scalable programs, mobile and web applications, and cloud-based software using languages and technologies such as Java, C#, Objective-C, Python, iOS, Android, jQuery, Google App Engine, BigTable, and MongoDB.

Building upon ECPI's tradition of providing an interactive, application-based education, graduates of this program are prepared to:

  • Develop desktop, mobile, web, and cloud applications
  • Integrate with relational databases like Oracle and MySQL, and non-relational databases like BigTable (used by Google) and MongoDB (used by Foursquare)
  • Design and implement RESTful web services
  • Apply information assurance knowledge to the design of secure applications
  • Deploy applications through thin clients (computer programs which depends heavily on another computer or server to fulfill its traditional computational roles)
  • Use professional software development tools and source code management systems


Massage Therapy Students Receive Professional Sports Massage Experience from the Washington Redskins

Richmond, Va. – ECPI University’s School of Health Science, Medical Careers Institute (MCI), teamed up with the Washington Redskins to invite students to provide massage therapy to players throughout the team’s three week training camp in Richmond, Va.

“This opportunity provides real-life sports massage scenarios that many students want to explore,” MCI Massage Therapy Program Director Edward Simpson said. “Professional athletes are physically very different. Their muscles can be very well defined and tend to be larger. Students have the opportunity to make connections between their work and the body parts they are trying to address visually and kinesthetically.”

MCI students are working side-by-side with Redskins athletic trainers, physical therapist, and doctors to provide the highest quality of massage therapy to the entire team.

“We are honored MCI students are offering massage therapy to our athletes,” said Redskins Head Athletic Trainer, Larry Hess. “We are thrilled to assist students in achieving their professional goals by providing them a unique learning experience and the ability to work directly with our players.”

MCI’s educational program, as well as the partnership with the Redskins and the team’s top-notch medical staff, is designed specifically to facilitate professional growth and hands-on experience for their students.

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” said MCI student Candace Donald. “To work on world-class athletes with the kind of muscle mass and definition these players possess offers us an incredible learning opportunity.”


Raleigh Graduate Endures and Achieves

Lee-Ann low resDomestic Violence Victim Overcomes All Challenges to Complete Degree 


Raleigh, NC – When Lee-Ann Morris’ classmates celebrate their graduation this Saturday, the will no doubt feel a great sense of accomplishment.  She, however, will feel something even greater: the peace of mind that comes with taking control of her own life. “I think that I am proof that you don’t have to be defined by your circumstances,” says Lee-Ann.

The victim of abuse growing up, married and the mother of one at 16-years old, she once again found herself in an abusive home, nearly losing her life after a particularly savage beating. She took refuge in a shelter and began rebuilding her life. She earned her GED, volunteered to help other victims of abuse, became HIPAA-certified and took a job copying subpoenas for medical cases. She continued to strive for a better life and became a radiology assistant for a local orthopedics practice.

Then, Lee-Ann decided it was time to earn a college degree. She enrolled at ECPI University’s School of Health Science, Medical Careers Institute and entered the Medical Assisting program. Twice, she had to suspend her studies due to financial problems, yet she persevered.  With her goal now in sight and graduation less than two days away, she is beyond happy. “Life is a struggle at times, but the outcome depends on the road you take and how you handle the obstacles in your way,” she says.  “Just don’t ever give up on your dreams.”

Graduation will be held on Saturday, June 22 at 10:00 am at Meymandi Concert Hall, located at 2 E. South Street in Raleigh.

For more information, please contact ECPI University Campus Director of Student Affairs Gloria Hicks at 919.418.6411 or