Student Conduct and Responsibilities

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy

ECPI Safety Report and our ECPI University 2012 Catalog provide our Possession and Use of Alcohol and/or Illegal Drugs Policies.

Copyright Infringement Policy and Sanctions

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Attendance Policy

ECPI believes students should follow a policy of regular attendance and punctuality to receive the maximum benefit from an ECPI education and to develop the work habits and personal qualities highly valued by employers. Therefore, students are expected to attend all regularly scheduled class meetings. The student should attempt to notify the faculty member assigned to the course, by telephone or email, in advance of any anticipated absence. Faculty and staff may likewise contact the student via telephone, email, or social media if the student is absent.

On the first day of class for each course, the faculty member will make available the course syllabus which includes the specific attendance policy and opportunities, if any, to make up missed assignments for that course. Please see Late Assignments and Make up Tests and Re-tests section of this Catalog or the School of Health Science program handbook for specific program policies.

Faculty members may request an Academic Review Board for a student whose absences from class interfere with the student's ability to meet course objectives. Action may result in the student being removed from the course, probation, or suspension. If a pattern of excessive absences is identified, an Academic Review Board review may be conducted.

Late Arrivals and Early Departures. Students are encouraged to contact the faculty member for the course, by telephone or email, if the student anticipates being late for class. Being tardy is defined as student arrival after class attendance has been taken. Leaving prior to class dismissal is considered early departure. Students are not allowed to disrupt academic processes and, at the faculty member's discretion, admission to a class may be denied to tardy students until the next class break.

Online Classes. Faculty will evaluate course progress throughout the week to determine that students have been logging into the course regularly and are on track to complete the course as scheduled. Students should begin course activities on the first day of the term and continue posting to discussions and submitting work as assigned in the course throughout the week. Specific course attendance information is provided in the online course sites.

Clinical Requirements and Immunization Policy

ECPI University has established the following Clinical Requirements and Immunization Policy for programs within the School of Health Science.

  • AHA CPR Card
  • Drug Screen, per state requirements
  • Physical exam, proof of immunizations, current TB
  • Permission to conduct a criminal background check

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The following items must be submitted to the Academic Program Director or designee by the end of the orientation course.

  • Signed permission to conduct a criminal background check.
  • 5-Panel Urine Drug Screen
  • American Heart Association CPR Card for Health Professionals (maintained as current throughout program)
  • Physical Examination, Proof of Immunizations and current TB
  • Copy of current, unencumbered RN license in the state of residence (may be a multistate license that includes Virginia).