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About ECPI

About ECPI

What is Year-Round, Accelerated Scheduling?

ECPI University’s school calendar is very similar to that of other universities across seas which offer year-round instruction. Terms last five weeks with students usually taking two classes per term. This allows them to complete a bachelor’s degree in 2.5 years or an associate’s degree in 1.5 years.

Features of Accelerated Scheduling

Over a semester (or three, independent, five-week terms), full-time students must carry a minimum load of 12 semester credit hours and a maximum of 18 semester credit hours.

The recommended full-time course load for a semester of study at ECPI University is 15 credits.

Over a single five-week term, students are scheduled for one course on Monday and Wednesdays (day or evening) and one class on Tuesdays and Thursdays (day or evening).

Classes meet five hours per day and are usually offered 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 5:30 to 10:30 p.m. Students have some flexibility in mixing day and night offerings.


Students have some flexibility in selecting term credit loads, and can opt for one of the following mixes.

Possible Scheduling for A Semester
  Term I (5 Weeks) Term II (5 Weeks) Term III (5 Weeks)
1 Semester
(15 Weeks)
6 Credits (2 courses) 6 Credits (2 Courses) 3 Credits (1 Course)
6 Credits (2 courses) 3 Credits (1 Course) 6 Credits (2 Courses)
3 Credits (1 Course) 6 Credits (2 courses) 6 Credits (2 Courses)

*The semester scheduling format most common is: 6-6-3.

Benefits of Accelerated Scheduling

  • Financial savings on living expenses, by decreasing the time needed to spend in the United States to earn a degree
  • Employment opportunities associated with student non-immigrant visa status, such as Optional Post (degree) Completion Practical Training, in a shorter period of time
  • Advance to post-graduate studies in less time
  • Return home to family, friends, and permanent employment in nearly half the time

International Students and Accelerated Scheduling

Depending on your nationality, you may already be familiar with accelerated scheduling since many colleges and universities around the world follow the same practice. While we embrace this approach, we also recognize that each person has a different learning style and often requires a different pace.

We understand the significant impact of relocation, cultural adjustment, and the stress of homesickness, as well as a many other factors that affect international students. Sometimes, the best solution to these challenges is to take a break! That’s why ECPI University allows students who are not able to participate in continuous enrollment to take a temporary planned or unplanned leave of absence.

Maybe you want to take a holiday break or return home for the summer to visit with family and friends? Maybe you just want to explore America! That’s one of the benefits of your student visa. Whatever your situation, rest assured that ECPI University will work with you to help extend your degree program to allow you to do these things.

We know there are also unexpected things that can occur like personal health issues or family emergencies which may prevent you from going to school year-round. In all of these situations, ECPI University’s Principle Designated School Official is available to explain how such a break in enrollment will affect your student non-immigrant status and assist you in arranging a regulatory-compliant leave of absence.

If you have additional questions about Year-Round Accelerated Scheduling, and how it compares to traditional scheduling in the United States, please contact the ECPI University International Admissions Advisor, or the ECPI University Principle Designated School Official.

Key University Facts

Degree programs 40% faster than traditional college programs, utilizing five-week terms, year-round learning and convenient scheduling.