International Students



Cost of Attending

The cost of attending ECPI University depends on the program in which you enroll. Below you will find that cost for each program field. In addition to your tuition and academic fees, books, and supplies, you will need to provide for all of your living expenses, for the duration of the academic program in which you enroll, and perhaps additional time, after you graduate, if you take advantage of

Top 5 median wages: Software & IT, Hardware & Networking, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Finance.

Tuition and Fees/ Books and Supplies/ Cost of Living Estimates*

The information found in the following tables represent tuition and fees, books and supplies, in addition to cost of living estimates for the duration of each individual program field. Tuition and fees, books and supplies, and cost of living estimates are subject to annual review, and ECPI reserves the right to make changes.

*Total Cost of Living Estimate, for duration of academic program, based on a weekly cost of living estimate x the total number of weeks required to complete the program.

Technology Program Field Tuition Technology Fees
Master of Science in Information Systems
Information Systems $25,920 $1,260
Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Science
Major in Web Development concentration; track in Cloud Computing, Cyber and Network Security, or Cybersecurity $69,696 $3,840
Major in Software Development; track in Mobile Development, Web Design and Development, or Software Development $69,696 $3,840
Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology
Electronics Engineering Technology $69,696 $3,840
Mechatronics Concentration $69,696 $3,840
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology
Mechanical Engineering Technology $69,696 $3,840

Academic year living expense estimate $11,880. Programs offered at the Northern Virginia campus are and additional $240/semester.

Business and Criminal Justice Program Field Tuition Technology Fees
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Accounting $69,696 $3,840
Business Management $69,696 $3,840
IT Management $69,696 $3,840
Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice $62,784 $3,840
Homeland Security $62,784 $3,840

Academic year living expense estimate $11,880. Programs offered at the Northern Virginia campus are and additional $240/semester.

Health Science Program Field Tuition Technology Fees
Bachelor of Science Healthcare Administration
Healthcare Administration $62,784 $3,840

Academic year living expense estimate $11,880. Programs offered at the Northern Virginia campus are and additional $240/semester.

Culinary Arts Program Field Tuition Technology Fees
Bachelor of Science in Food Service Management
Food Service Management $31,392 $1,920

Academic year living expense estimate $11,880.

Other colleges are shown to average 3% higher than ECPI University on annual tuition increases.

Estimating Your Cost of Living Expenses

Living Expenses to Consider

The amount of money you will need to cover your living expenses will be highly dependent upon the lifestyle you select. For example:

If you opt to live alone, instead of having a roommate (or multiple roommates), the cost of an off-campus apartment is going to be higher than if you share housing with other students.

Personal dietary needs and tastes impact the cost of food and other housing supplies.

Selection of a telephone provider, an Internet provider, the type and level of health insurance obtained, whether or not to purchase cable television, and other personal decisions all impact your cost of living.

Whether you opt to use public transportation, share transportation with fellow students, or will need to own or lease a personal vehicle will impact the amount of money you will need to cover all of your personal living costs.

Start-Up Costs Affecting Cost of Living Estimates

Please keep in mind that the cost of living estimates provided by ECPI University do not include “start-up” costs associated with moving to an ECPI University location. You will need to plan to make certain initial purchases, depending upon your individual circumstances. For instance:

The amount and type of personal belongings you bring with you will determine what you need to purchase to furnish your apartment.

Depending upon your apartment facility, you will need to be prepared to pay a security deposit, typically equal to your portion of one month’s rent, which is returned to you when you vacate the premises, provided you meet all the terms of your rental agreement.

Also, depending on your apartment facility, you will need to be prepared to pay security deposits, typically ranging from $100 to $300.00 for utilities connections such as in-home or cellular telephone service, water, heat, electricity, etc.

Depending on the location from which you are originating, you may need to purchase “weather appropriate” clothing such as a winter weather coat, rain gear, winter footwear, etc.

Cost of Living Estimate Examples In Conclusion

Finally, these examples are not comprehensive. Plan for the unexpected and remember that there are multiple University resources to assist you through your arrival and initial adjustment. The Principle Designated School Official of ECPI University is available to direct you to helpful University and local resources.

Other Important Advanced Payment Information

Admitted international students must make an advanced payment to ECPI University to cover one semester’s tuition, books, and fees after the visa is approved, but before the student arrives in the USA.

Students opting to utilize University-affiliated housing services will also be required to make an advanced housing payment to cover the terms and duration of housing secured.

Payment instructions, including the specific amount of the total advance payment required, and how to make payment, as well as the University’s complete refund policies, if for any reason an admitted student withdraws from the University, will be provided along with an official Letter of Acceptance to the University.*

For ECPI University’s complete refund policy, please review: Refund Policy.

*Certain exceptions for government-and other-third-party-sponsored students apply.