Why Choose ECPI University Online?

15 Years of providing top quality, in demand education delivered 100% online!

Why ECPI University Online:

ECPI University Online Campus provides convenience without compromise. You will receive the same high quality education as students in our traditional campus based classrooms

Benefits of an Online Education at ECPI University


15 Years of providing top quality in demand education delivered online with these tangible benefits to your education:

  • Accelerated, engaging, and unique online education platform.
  • Same 5 week schedule, 1-2 classes per term.
  • On Demand tutoring 7 days a week.
  • Financial Aid and VA/TA benefits available.
  • Accredited Programs with Credentialed Faculty that know how to teach Online and engage students at a distance.

ECPI Is Ready with the Tools for Virtual Learning & Remote Work

Right now, employers across all industries are trying to learn how to use virtual tools and remote-work technology. Those tools have already been standard practice for us for years now.

Our online environment will teach you the tools and critical skills for working at a distance in today’s ever-connected global market.

  1. Virtual “hands on” lab environments with real-world simulations
  2. America’s Mobile University® & ECPI Mobile APP 2.0
  3. Live Virtual Weekly instruction via Zoom & Live Chat 24-7

Introducing ECPI Mobile 2.5

Your life is going places—and we’ll go with you.

  • Quick access to your courses, grades, upcoming schedule, the online library, and more!
  • Easily call or live chat with your advisors
  • Share your awards and recognitions via social media
  • Real-time notifications about messages, announcements
  • Create your own virtual student ID card
  • And much more!

Watch the video to learn more about ECPI University’s mobile apps and accelerated online programs!


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