Business Management

Business Management
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Concentration in Business Management
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Business Management Overview

Best for Vets AwardThe world of business is fast-paced and multifaceted. It involves financial management, marketing, sales, personnel, research and strategic planning. People who succeed in business possess many of these skills, but they also exhibit qualities that serve them equally well – leadership, ingenuity and a team attitude, to name a few. If this piques your interest, ECPI University is here to help you obtain the education needed to enter today’s global marketplace. Through ECPI’s year-round schedule, you can earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Business Management in just 2.5 years.

ECPI offers a curriculum emphasizing:

  • Classes in management, entrepreneurship, search engine marketing, and accounting with a focus on international business
  • Statistical Process Control (Six Sigma Techniques) and Project Management
  • Project-based coursework to prepare you for the workplace market - both as manager and as entrepreneur
  • Technology optimization for operations and global marketing
  • Senior project designed to develop entrepreneurial skills by having you create a business and its marketing plan
  • Workplace experience with two externships (required)

ECPI University’s program is designed to blend modern business theory with real-world applications, while providing special emphasis on emerging technology.  The objective is to create managers and business-oriented personnel who are able to strategically manage and utilize technology while implementing changes essential to today's global business environment.

Program Description

ECPI University’s Business Administration Degree curriculum is based on sound business fundamentals, with each facet of the program designed to create graduates who can adapt to the ever-changing global economy. Critical areas of emphasis include:

  • Application of management theory and practice in decision making, business strategy, and technical solutions relating to management
  • Critical thinking and analysis of business factors including operations management, technology, and globalization
  • Detailed implementation of ethical standards as required by business management professionals
  • Change management - fundamental to today's business world
  • Effective oral and written business communication
  • Environmental knowledge and experience necessary to strategically plan with respect to decisions at different layers of management
  • An understanding of global and technological business processes and management leadership
  • Effective use of information literacy in the management field
Possible Career Track

With a business administration degree, you will be qualified for entry level management positions in diverse areas such as education, manufacturing, or government. After completion of this program, students could apply for a management position in fields such as:

  • Manufacturing
  • E-commerce
  • Banking
  • Information Systems
  • Retail
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Services
  • Government



Program Requirements

Core Curriculum

37 semester credit hours

Course ID Course Name Credits
ACC160 Principles of Accounting I 3
ACC161 Principles of Accounting II 3
BUS121 Introduction to Business 3
BUS222 Ethics in Business 3
BUS298 Externship-BUS III 3
BUS314 Marketing Management 3
BUS321 Business Organizational Management 3
BUS331 Management Information Systems 3
BUS350 Financial Management 3
BUS480 Strategic Planning & Implementation 3
BUS480L Strategic Planning & Implementation LAB 1
ECO201 Macroeconomics 3
ECO202 Microeconomics 3

Hospitality Management concentration only: FSM 298 Food Service Management Externship I replaces BUS 298 in Core curriculum.

Arts and Sciences

31 semester credit hours

Course ID Course Name Credits
CAP480 Arts and Sciences Capstone 3
COM115 Principles of Communication 3
ENG110 College Composition 3
ENG120 Advanced Composition 3
HUM205 Culture and Diversity 3
MTH131 College Algebra 3
MTH140 Statistics 3
PHY120 Physics 3
PHY120L Physics LAB 1
PSY105 Introduction to Psychology 3
PSY220 Positive Psychology 3


6 semester credit hours

Course ID Course Name Credits
COR090 Career Orientation Seminar 0
FOR110 Essentials for Success 3
CIS115 Computer Applications 3

Concentration Requirements

Business Management

31 semester credit hours

Course ID Course Name Credits
ACC309 Managerial Accounting for Managers 3
BUS211 Introduction to Human Resources Management 3
BUS224 Change Management 3
BUS225 Legal Environment of Business 3
BUS227 Operations Management 3
BUS303 Organizational Leadership and Management 3
BUS436 International Business 3
BUS440 Global Marketing 3
BUS472 Applied Project Management 3
BUS472L Applied Project Management LAB 1
CIS106 Introduction to Operating Systems 3
Various Electives 16

Business Management Electives

Course ID Course Name Credits
BUS102 Principles of Business Law 3
BUS223 Principles of Business Law 3
BUS226 Managerial Processes & Communications 3
BUS242 Technology Optimization 3
BUS328 Business Process Improvement 3
BUS328L Business Process Improvement LAB 1
BUS345 e-Commerce & Technology 3
BUS496 Externship-BUS Sr. I-a 1
BUS497 Externship-BUS Sr. I-b 1
BUS498 Externship-BUS Sr. I-c 1
BUS499 Externship-BUS Sr. III 3
CIS121 Software Logic and Design 3
CIS150 Networking I 3
CIS223 Database I 3
CIS282 Web Interface Design 3

Upon completion of the program, graduates are able to:

  • Conduct business research and analyses.
  • Analyze business, economic, and financial reports.
  • Implement decision-making processes to effectively solve business challenges.
  • Create effective business plans.
  • Develop business solutions that demonstrate application of global business models and theories.
  • Develop strategies for business growth and development.
  • Demonstrate effective communication in the global business environment.
  • Demonstrate leadership capabilities.
  • Apply personal and professional integrity, ethical behavior and social responsibility in business situations.

Important information about the educational debt, earnings, and completion rates of students who attended this program can be found by clicking here.

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