Master's in Healthcare Administration

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Healthcare Administration - Master's

The Health Informatics Track focuses on management and data utilized by healthcare administration.

The Community Health Track centers on working within the community health areas.

Master of Science in Healthcare Administration Overview

The Master of Science in Healthcare Administration builds on the skills and knowledge of business and management professionals, preparing them to succeed in the leadership of healthcare organizations. The program prepares future healthcare leaders to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare organizations by providing an overall improvement in the delivery of patient care. 

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in the field of Healthcare Administration, consider ECPI University. Through ECPI’s accelerated schedule, you could earn a Master's of Science Degree in Healthcare Administration with a track in Health Informatics or Community Health in as little as 14 months.

Explore the ECPI University eHospital where you can virtually visit aspects of our healthcare learning programs and see how they all work together to train the future healthcare providers of the world.

Healthcare Administration - Master's Possible Career Track

Healthcare Administrators holding a master's degree in leadership may be eligible for positions in a variety of acute care and community settings The MHA program is designed to prepare graduates for careers as Medical and Health Services Managers, with a focus in Health Informatics and Community Health. Graduates working as nurses or in nursing-related fields may advance as well. Possible jobs include the following:

Medical and Health Servicers Managers 

  • Outpatient Practice Administrator  
  • Inpatient Clinical Director 
  • Health Information Management Corporate Director 
  • Health Information Management Director 
  • Health Manager 
  • Mental Health Program Manager 

Opportunities for Healthcare Administration Master's Health Informatics

  • Clinical Informatics Analyst 
  • Clinical Informatics Nurse 
  • Clinical Informatics Specialist 
  • Clinical Informatics Systems Analyst 
  • Digital Diabetes Research Officer 
  • Nursing Informatics Officer 
  • Nursing Informatics Specialist 

Opportunities for Healthcare Administration Master's Community Health

  • Community Health Consultant 
  • Education Coordinator 
  • Health Education Coordinator 
  • Health Education Specialist 
  • Health Educator 
  • Health Promotion Specialist 
  • Public Health Educator 
  • Public Information Officer 

Healthcare Administration - Master's Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, the graduate will:
  • Implement current best practices of leadership, critical thinking, decision-making, and interdisciplinary communication to support a healthcare organization team. 
  • Integrate evidence-based practice and data-driven action plans to improve the delivery of care and patient outcomes.
  • Use current technologies to support an integrated healthcare model and analyze healthcare organizational structure and performance. 
  • Act as a change agent in collaboration with stakeholders by advocating for policies to improve the delivery of care, community well-being, and social determinants impacting health. 

Analyze principles of ethics and legal aspects relevant to the management of healthcare organizations.

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