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Human Resources Management Online Degree Program Overview

Seek excellence with the Human Resources Management Track

The core function of human resources management is to recruit, hire and retain personnel for your organization. If you have ever been hired for a job, there is a likely chance an experienced human resources manager was involved in the process of bringing you in. Finding great workers and maintaining them is crucial to keeping an organization running efficiently.  Not only do human resources professionals have the key responsibility of finding top talent, they also deal with training and development, while handling workplace conflict, compensation and benefits simultaneously. Do you have a strong sense of ethics? Are you a great communicator and motivator? Do you have good instincts? Can you handle conflict resolution? If yes, the human resources management track could be the perfect program for you.

Through ECPI’s year-round schedule, you could earn a 100% Online Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Leadership - Human Resources Management Track in as little as 2.5 years.

Human Resources Management Online Degree Possible Career Track

With this specific tracks should be prepared to work in virtually any industry. The good news about this field of work is that essentially every industry needs competent workers, which means human resources professionals are usually ​​necessary. What type of employment is available for Human Resources Professionals?

  • HR Consultant
  • Employee Relations Manager
  • Recruitment Specialist
  • Executive Recruiter
  • Labor Relations Manager
  • Compensation and Benefits Manager
  • Human Resources Programs Manager
  • Senior Sales Associate
  • Director of Human Resources
  • Training and Development Specialist
  • Talent and Rewards Manager

Human Resources Management Online Degree Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, graduates are expected to  be able to:

  • Conduct organizational research and analysis.
  • Apply critical thinking and analytical skills to make strategic decisions.  
  • Demonstrate effective communication in a global environment.  
  • Apply ethical behavior and professional values. 
  • Develop an organizational community of learning and positive change.

Graduates of the BS in Organizational Leadership degree may find employment in a variety of industries. Possibly job titles include Human Resources Manager, Project Manager, Team Leader/Logistics Manager, and Operations Manager.

Management Concentration

The Management concentration allows students to gain a general background in organizational leadership with the ability to choose tracks and electives that focus on areas of interest related to their unique career paths.

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates are expected to  be able to:

  • Utilize advanced decision-making strategies appropriate for the managerial context.

Human Resources Management Track

The human resources management track provides students with the opportunity to engage in contemporary practices that support and motivate a diverse and multicultural workforce in individual and group settings.  Employee recruitment and retention is emphasized, including compensation and benefits, rewards and recognition. 

Human Resources Management Online Degree Curriculum

Program Requirements



Human Resources Management Track Requirements


Electives – any course from BS BA and/or BS Leadership depending on prereq. General electives from other programs and school-- 39

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*For allowable substitutions of arts and sciences courses, see the Arts and Sciences Department page