Student Consumer Services

Student Consumer Services

The Student Consumer Information regulations of the United States Department of Education require colleges to provide students with access to information they are entitled to as a consumer. Our goal is to provide you with complete and easy access to this information and to inform you annually of the availability of this information. This information may also be found under other links on our website, with our campus staff, and can be provided in paper form on request. Any requests for information under this service should be sent to

All members of the University community may access our policies, procedures, and requirements in the links below and through our ECPI University Catalog. This information may be subject to changes required and ECPI reserves the right to change its regulations, requirements or financial charges, and to cancel or change the published course offerings. Students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with current regulations, requirements, and changes.

A student's enrollment in a program of study abroad approved for credit by the home institution may be considered enrollment at the home institution for the purpose of applying for assistance under the Title IV HEA programs.

Retention Rates, from IPEDS Data Center, ECPI University Enrollment, are calculated annually for first time bachelor's (or equivalent) degree-seeking undergraduates who return to the institution to continue their studies the following fall.

  • Completion and Graduation Rates

The Completion and Graduation rates, found at College Navigator, to consumers by July 1, are calculated for certificate-or degree-seeking, undergraduate students who have completed or graduated by the end of the 12-month period ending August 31 during which 150 percent of the normal time for completion or graduation from their program has lapsed.

Additionally, the graduation rates by eligibility for sources of financial aid are as follows:

Pell Grants Federal Subsidized Loans Neither Pell Grants nor Federal Subsidized Loans
51% 55% 41%
  • Student Body Diversity

ECPI student body diversity information may be found at College Navigator, Enrollment and Financial Aid.