About ECPI University

About the University

Once you decide to become part of the expanding and exciting world of technology, business, criminal justice, health science, or culinary, selecting the university to best meet your needs and goals is clearly one of your most important decisions. ECPI University understands the aspirations of people who want a direct route toward their careers goals.

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Founded in Norfolk, Virginia in 1966, ECPI University demonstrated early on its commitment to forward-thinking, market-based curriculum, being among the first to offer classes in the growing field of computer programming.
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Mission & Values

ECPI University provides a student-centered learning environment that promotes the enhancement of each student's professional and personal life through education.
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ECPI University’s accreditation status includes all campuses. ECPI University’s accreditation is dependent on the continued accreditation of the parent campus located in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
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