Student Achievement

Student Achievement

The information below provides statements of goals and results for the following student achievement measures: graduation rates, first-year retention, and successful course completion.

ECPI University also participates (along with 634 other postsecondary institutions as of April 2018) in the Student Achievement Measure (SAM), which reports student transfers across postsecondary institutions to provide a more complete picture of undergraduate student progress and completion. SAM is an alternative to the IPEDS graduation rate, which limits cohorts to first-time, full-time students at a single institution. ECPI University’s student achievement outcomes using the SAM initiative methodology are provided at the following link:

IPEDS Retention
Year Goal Results
2014-15 60% 48%
2015-16 50% 49%
2016-17 50% 53%

First-time, full-time bachelor's (or equivalent) degree-seeking undergraduates who remain enrolled at ECPI the following fall (IPEDS formula)

IPEDS Completion / Graduation
Year Goal Results
2015 40% 42%
2016 50% 47%
2017 50% 47%

The percentage of first-time, full-time degree-seeking students who enrolled in Fall 2011 and graduated from their programs within 150% of normal time to completion.

IPEDS Outcome Measure
Year Goal Results
2016 50% 51%
2017 50% 52%

The percent of degree-seeking, undergraduate enrollments from Fall 2009 who earned a degree from the institution within 8 years of entry.

Successful Course Completion Rates
Year Goal Results
2015 85% 89%
2016 85% 89%
2017 85% 88%

Number of courses attempted in a calendar year divided by the number of students who earn a passing grade in the course according to University policies