Culinary Arts Degree Advanced Skills

Year Two Overview

While reinforcing the foundational skills taught during the Freshman year, Sophomore courses provide an opportunity for students to bring more creativity and individuality into the classroom.

Front of House Management

The tables have turned in this course, giving you a chance to be in front of customers and understand the importance of good service.

  • Dining room organization and operations
  • Opening and closing procedures
  • Customer care and salesmanship
  • Table setting and service in an traditional restaurant environment
  • Tableside cooking and carving
Supervision for Food Service

Lead your team to success! This course discusses the role of the chef supervisor in the food service industry.

  • Historical development of modern management theories and the application of current best practices
  • Leadership and management skills: goal setting, effective communication, motivating, and problem solving
  • Understanding of how a menu and concept impacts employee selection, staffing and scheduling
A La Carte

The success of a restaurant is determined by more than the menu alone. Apply your business and culinary skills as you explore classic French and American dishes.

  • Recipe development, conversions and food costing
  • Modern a la carte cooking utilizing the brigade system
  • Plating techniques
  • Discussions of food and labor costs and revenue management
International Cuisine

Explore other cultures through their cuisine as you apply traditional techniques to new ingredients.

  • Characteristics and flavor profiles of ingredients from various continents
  • Preparing food to exacting standards
  • Presentation and platter techniques
  • Development of international menus

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Garde Manger

Art and food combine as you learn classic charcuterie, hors d’oeuvres, and platter presentations. Your work will be showcased at a Grand Buffet for your friends and family!

  • Classical Charcuterie: pates, terrines, galantines, and mousseline
  • Hors d’oeuvres, canapes, and sushi
  • Special event planning, organization, and execution
  • Buffet design and platter presentations
  • Display pieces such as tallow and salt dough, vegetable carvings
Advanced Baking and Pastry Arts

Take your baking skills to a new level and add your own creative twists.

  • Quality production and finishing of classic pastries and confections
  • Ice creams, sorbets
  • Building cakes, butter creams, chocolate work
  • Dessert garnishes and sauces
  • Concentration on plating individual desserts and buffet presentations