Baking and Pastry Arts

Associate of Applied Science in Baking and Pastry Arts
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Baking and Pastry Arts Overview

Baked goods and pastries offer culinary professionals the chance to blend their cooking skills with a dash of creativity and a pinch of artistry. If creating sumptuous tarts and clever cakes sounds like a recipe for your future, consider the Culinary Institute of Virginia (CIV), ECPI University’s College of Culinary Arts. Here, award-winning chefs with real-world experience are prepared to help you enter this dynamic segment of the food service industry.

Through CIV’s hands-on baking and pastry arts program, you could earn an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Baking and Pastry Arts in as little as 15 months. Experienced chef instructors will guide you through the science and art of creating delectable baked items and pastries as you prepare for an intensive but exciting externship.

If interested, students could also earn a Baking and Pastry Arts diploma in as little as 40 weeks.

Program Description

Baking and pastry skills are considered an area of specialty within the field of culinary arts. A variety of food service employers, including bakeshops, grocery stores, restaurants, hotels/resorts, and contract dining facilities, employ individuals with the sole purpose of preparing baked goods on-site. Additionally, baking positions are available in manufacturing facilities which produce breads and pastries in large quantities for distribution. The graduate of the program may work in a variety of positions from entry level to lead baker or pastry chef. The industry grants exceptional opportunities for advancement with favor given to those individuals with exemplary work ethic and experience. At present, there is an industry need for skilled and work-place ready bakers.  Students in the Associate of Applied Science in Baking and Pastry Arts program will be taught skills in:

  • Foundational methods and techniques used throughout the baking and pastry industry
  • Ensuring a safe and sanitary bake shop
  • Baking and pastry recipe development and execution for various production levels
  • Alternative baking techniques to accommodate specialty diets and allergies.
Possible Career Track

Baking and pastry artists work in a wide variety of work settings including bakeries, grocery stores, restaurants, hotels/resorts, manufacturing, and contract dining facilities. Retail bakers produce smaller quantities of baked goods. Some own bakeries or other types of businesses which means they also oversee the entire baking process, including hiring, training, and supervising staff. They also handle financial matters such as budgeting, purchasing, and estimating.

Commercial baking positions are also available in manufacturing facilities which produce breads and pastries in large quantities for distribution using high-volume mixers, automated machines, industrial ovens, and conveyors. They follow daily instructions for production schedules and recipes, and also may develop new recipes.



Core Curriculum

42 semester credit hours

Course IDCourse NameCredits
BPA110Principles of Baking and Pastry Arts 2
BPA120Basic Cakes and Tarts 2
BPA130Artisan Breads and Viennoiserie 4
BPA225Chocolate and Confectionery Artistry 2
BPA235Advanced Pastry Design 2
BPA245Alternative Baking 2
BPA265Petit Fours, Custards, and Glaciers 2
BPA275Baking and Pastry Capstone 4
CAA105Culinary Skills 2
CAA110Culinary Techniques 2
CAA115Kitchen Essentials 3
CAA120Culinary Fundamentals 2
CAA201Banquet and Buffet Service 2
CAA255Procurement and Food Service Cost Control 3
CAA260Culinary Nutrition 3
CAA270Supervision for Food Service 3
CAA280Externship-CUL I-a 1
CAA285Externship-CUL I-b1

Arts and Sciences

15 semester credit hours

Course IDCourse NameCredits
COM115Principles of Communication 3
ENG110College Composition 3
HUM205Culture and Diversity: Exploring the Humanities 3
MTH120College Mathematics 3
PSY105Introduction to Psychology 3

Self Integration

3 semester credit hours

Course IDCourse NameCredits
CAA100Essentials for Success3

The objective of the Baking and Pastry Arts Degree program is to educate and train prospective bakers with the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to compete for employment in the baking and pastry field. Upon successful completion of this degree program graduates are expected to:

  • Apply sound judgment and ethical practices in the professional baking and pastry environment.
  • Apply ServSafe standards to insure a safe and secure bakeshop.
  • Apply learned baking and pastry technical and analytical skills.
  • Communicate effectively to various audiences.
  • Practice continuous improvement in the Baking and Pastry Arts.
  • Collaborate effectively with team members to achieve success.
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