Blending Learning at the Culinary Institute of Virginia

What is a blended learning program?

A blended learning program pairs the best of online and in-seat course options to optimize hands-on instruction and flexibility of scheduling for students. 

Successful blended learning students are:

  • Comfortable with using the computer
  • Organized and good at time management
  • Strong writers, critical thinkers, and communicators
  • Willing to dedicate quality time to the online course

What is a typical schedule?

CIV’s blended learning program pairs one onsite, hands-on kitchen course with one online course each five week term.

Onsite courses are offered mornings, evenings and or Saturdays. For the online courses, students must complete course assignments by the specified due dates.

What’s next?

Contact Admissions at 844.334.4466 to learn if the blended learning program is right for you!

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