ECPI Faculty & Staff

ECPI University has an unshakable belief that school should be interesting, even fun. That’s why we seek out faculty members who “get it.” They understand that ceaseless lecturing is not the best way to teach. Instead, they interact with their students.

Having worked extensively in their fields prior to academia, many share their personal experiences in the classroom and cite real-world examples when teaching. That’s what makes learning interesting and that’s what makes knowledge memorable. Here are a few other reasons why ECPI University stands apart:

  1. Availability – ECPI faculty members are committed to your success and are available for tutoring and advising.

  2. Free Exchange of Ideas – ECPI University supports the freedom of faculty and students to exchange ideas, examine all aspects of issues, and question assumptions in order to develop the skill and understanding needed in the real world.

  3. Commitment to the Whole Person – While technical ability is important, ECPI is dedicated to your overall development. That means helping you to nurture other highly-sought after abilities like problem solving, writing, evaluating information, and communication.