Frequently Asked Questions for Admissions

I’ve heard that college can be expensive. How can ECPI University help make it affordable?

If you want to attend ECPI University, our Financial Aid Department has skilled professionals on staff who can provide information and support to help identify  several types of financial aid, including student loans, supplement loans, grants, veterans' education benefits, and scholarships.

After that, they can help you set you up a manageable payment plan. This allows you to reduce the amount of money you have to repay after graduation. Other students receive tuition reimbursement through their employers. Remember, a financial investment in your future now can provide many benefits during the rest of your life.

I’m not sure if I’m a technical person. Do I need previous experience?

That’s the whole point of college – to learn! Of course, we can measure your aptitude for various career fields. After that, everyone has the same opportunity to succeed. We’ll start with the basics and provide tutoring opportunities if needed at no additional cost

I am older than your average college student. Will I fit in at ECPI?

Students at ECPI University vary in age. Many are adults who have worked in a variety of jobs and need to find a new or better career. Others come directly from high school. While they may vary in age, each person brings different life experiences to the student body, adding to its diversity and providing opportunities for people to learn from one another.  

Can ECPI University help me find a job after graduation?

ECPI University’s Careers Services Department is staffed by talented professionals who are always available to help you write your resumes, provide coaching for that big interview, and introduce you to employers. ECPI University has established itself as a trusted resource for many of the nation’s leading companies. In fact, nearly 4,000 different employers have hired ECPI graduates over the years.

How does ECPI's approach to technical education differ from companies that offer certification training?

ECPI is licensed or approved by each state in which it operates, indicating the college meets the requirements of the state. Many certification companies are not regulated and do not possess a state license. Individuals attending a small, unaccredited school that teaches certification classes cannot offer the same financial aid programs and most do not offer real graduate job placement assistance. ECPI University offers a hands-on curriculum that allows students to apply what they learn in lab environment, and then hone those skills through externships. It’s this kind of comprehensive preparation most employers are looking for.

How does ECPI University differ from local colleges?

No matter what you study, abstract knowledge is of little use to employers. ECPI University is unique because its program directors and faculty members consult with industry professionals to ensure that the school’s programs are designed to meet the needs of the job market. That means applying what you learn in the classroom to “real world” scenarios. It’s all about creating an interactive, relevant learning experience.