Five Smart Ways to Pay for Your College Education

By now you've probably heard the numbers. 

You should have (somehow) started saving for college at least three months before you were born. You need to have $1.653 million in the bank by the time you're a sophomore in high school or you'll never be able to afford tuition at a college or university. Student loans will bury you in debt for the rest of your natural life, or at least for 100 years.

Ten Incredible Facts About X-Rays to Inspire Your Radiography Career

facts about x-rays

X-rays are a well-known imaging technique used for a variety of diagnostic purposes in health care. Because of the uses of x-rays, x-ray technicians are an integral part of diagnostics, helping physicians determine what a patient's needs are so they can be treated appropriately. However, x-rays are amazing beyond their diagnostic capabilities. Here are some amazing facts about x-rays that you may not have known!


3 Top Resources for Working as a Medical Administrator

resources for medical administratorsBehind every great hospital, nursing home and clinic there are medical professionals most patients will likely never see. These people spend their days making decisions that affect life-and-death decisions, but they are not doctors. They spend millions of dollars on high-tech medical equipment they will never use. They oversee everything from operations to facilities to compliance and risk management.