Five Smart Ways to Pay for Your College Education

By now you've probably heard the numbers. 

You should have (somehow) started saving for college at least three months before you were born. You need to have $1.653 million in the bank by the time you're a sophomore in high school or you'll never be able to afford tuition at a college or university. Student loans will bury you in debt for the rest of your natural life, or at least for 100 years.

Medical Imaging Equipment Repair Schools: What to Expect

A career in healthcare can encompass a broad range of opportunities including direct bedside care or supportive services that help providers give the best care to their patients. As a medical imaging equipment technologist, your knowledge and skills could be critical to ensuring the medical equipment used by healthcare radiography professionals is in optimal condition. 

Agile Software Development: 12 Principles Changing the Software Life Cycle

Different companies adopt different methods of management for software development, but one of the most common is agile. Agile software development focuses on the process, not the plan. The basic idea behind agile software development is the ability to respond to change as it happens. It prioritizes the result over the path taken to get there. In an agile environment, expect to see less documentation and more drive to working solutions.