BUS431 Organizational Development

This course presents the theories and principles of effective management, and surveys contemporary and historical research on organizational efficiency. With an emphasis on skill development in managing basic administrative and managerial functions, including strategic planning, decision making, planning and implementation, problem solving, as well as communication channels and methods. Through the use of experiential learning methods, such as case studies, simulations, and role playing learners will acquire practical fundamental proficiencies used by successful leaders for organizational development. Particular emphasis is on examining and understanding the intrinsic role of an organization's mission, vision, purpose, and core competencies and market value in the development of an organization. Students examine the essential elements of effective leadership, learning organizations, dynamic culture, and interactive community and their influence in shaping organizational health and wellness among the organization's constituencies. An assessment and critical evaluation and recommendations of the student's professional setting including the current global environment are key components of the course learning objectives. The approach offers learners the opportunity to explore their management, leadership, communication, and relationship style along with the appropriate planning and implementation strategies.



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