CJ461 Media Relations for Law Enforcement

This course provides an overview of the conventional protocols for information released by various agencies to media outlets, the public, and other government agencies. The course also outlines issues involving dissemination of information and the use of electronic, in person and documentary information. Additionally, state, and federal freedom of information and privacy protection laws will be addressed, as well as how an agency handles such laws. Also covered will be media influence, to include social media, the internet and “fake news”, which shapes how the public perceives law enforcement agencies and the court system and what ramifications these perception may have. Upon successful completion of this course, students will understand the role in which the departments’ Public Information Officer plays and how their actions serve to shape the public’s perception regarding law enforcement operations. Students will also be proficient in writing various press releases and other media related documents, as well as be able to understand laws pertaining to media relations. Finally, students will be able to speak professionally to the public through the media.



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