DEN211L Dental Radiology LAB

The focus of this course is through laboratory practice, the dental assisting student will perfect the skills necessary to assume their professional role.  This course will challenge the student to link theory with clinical practice. The Dental Radiography Lab course prepares dental assisting students to operate x-ray units and expose bitewing, periapical, extra oral, and occlusal radiographs.  Emphasis is placed on protection against x-ray hazards.  Students also process, mount, and evaluate radiographs for diagnostic value.  In this course students will first demonstrate competency on a manikin.  In addition, students expose bitewing radiographs on a peer, role-playing patient.  As principles and skills advance, the dental assisting students expose full mouth series, extra-oral and specialized radiographs on adult and child patients.  In addition, they will use radiographs to explain dental health and treatment plans to patients.

Prerequisites: DEN100, DEN110, DEN200, DEN200L

Corequisites: DEN211

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