DEN225 Clinical Rotation I

This course provides the student with 180 hours of clinical extern assignments in various dental specialty practices, as well as general dentistry practices.   This is an opportunity for students to obtain practical experience and to reinforce subject matter and skills learned in the classroom.  The student will begin interaction with dentist, staff and patient.  Students will be demonstrating the principles of professionalism, effective communication, infection control, instrumentation, four and six handed dentistry, moisture control, asepsis, vital signs assessment, topical placement, documentation, and computer software integration.  Students will assess patient oral hygiene, charting existing restorations and abnormalities.  Students will expose, process, and mount radiographs.

Prerequisites: Completion of all courses within the Dental Assisting Program, except DEN225S, DEN230, and DEN230S

Corequisites: DEN225S or DEN230S


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