DMS202 Obstetrics & Gynecologic Sonography

This course introduces student to gynecologic sonography with an introduction to obstetric ultrasound. Emphasis will be placed on a comprehensive knowledge of normal and abnormal anatomy, physiology and sonographic appearances of the female reproductive system in the pregnant and non-pregnant state and correlate with clinical symptoms, patient history, and exam indications. Students will learn non-pregnant pelvic and first trimester obstetrical scanning techniques and protocols that are correlated with hands on scanning exercises. Topics will also include clinical ethics for obstetric sonography, ectopic pregnancy, the role of ultrasound in evaluation of female infertility, and developmental stages of the embryo and fetus up to 14 weeks. Upon completion, students should be able to recognize and acquire basic pelvic and first trimester fetal images and measurements.

Prerequisite: DMS109

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