ENG120 Advanced Composition

This course helps writers further develop skills in expository and persuasive writing. Using classical and modern rhetorical techniques, students hone critical thinking skills and critically evaluate the quality and sufficiency of evidence and other forms of support for an argument. Students will use writing processes to develop logical and ethical arguments and observe appropriate writing and documentation conventions. In addition, the course includes strategies for identifying main ideas and ethically assessing similarities and differences in points of view. Assignments and activities will include practice in locating primary and secondary sources in a variety of media, evaluating and analyzing those sources for validity, credibility, and applicability, and choosing which sources are most appropriate in meeting the rhetorical objectives of a given writing task. Plagiarism will also be addressed, and students will gain practice in paraphrasing, summarizing, quoting, and documentation conventions to avoid plagiarism. Although the course presumes a basic knowledge of grammar, mechanical principles will be reviewed throughout the course as needed. (Writing Course)


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