RAD132 Radiography Clinical Education 1

This is the first of twelve clinical education courses designed for sequential development, application, critical analysis, integration, synthesis and evaluation of concepts and theories in the performance of radiologic procedures. This course requires students to begin performing some of the 36 mandatory and minimum 15 of the 30 elective clinical competency exams required by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologist (A.R.R.T.). Students attend an affiliate radiology department as assigned, for sixteen hours per week (eight hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays), or an alternate schedule as assigned. The competency exam categories for this course include basic routine exams of the chest and abdomen. In addition to the exams, students will demonstrate competence in each of the patient care activities as indicated on the ARRT Clinical Competency Requirements list. Clinical supervision will be provided by a designated Clinical Instructor (C.I.), and other staff technologists R.T. (R). The Clinical Coordinator and/or Program Director will make routine visits to each affiliate to assist with the competency based system.





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