The Value of an MBA


Enhance Your Earning Potential | Build Your Professional Network | Be Your Own Boss

"No Economist ever tells students pursuing MBAs that they are leaving money on any table."

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people enroll in master’s degree programs. Some pursue advanced education to earn more money and promotions, while others are looking for a competitive edge at the onset of their careers. Whatever the motivation, additional education means additional investment and quite likely, additional debt. Those pursuing this path should do so with their eyes wide open and fully understand the benefits accrued. In this white paper – Is an MBA Worth it? – ECPI University presents a straightforward case for earning a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Here are some of the benefits, along with tips for selecting the right program.

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Can You Earn More Money with an MBA Degree?

While an MBA is not a golden ticket to riches, it can have a significant impact on lifetime earnings. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), weekly income for those holding a master’s degree is…

Does an MBA Mean More Job Security?

According to BLS data, there is a direct relationship between educational attainment and unemployment. In essence, those with greater levels of education are less likely…

Do Those with an MBA have a Broader Professional Network?

By enrolling in an MBA program, you can meet people from all sectors of business and commerce and widen your circle of professional association. These contacts can have a lasting effect on career advancement.

Can an MBA Degree Lead to More Promotions?

While an MBA is no guarantee of upward mobility, there comes a point when careers can stall for lack of hire-level skills. To succeed in middle management and beyond, it requires a whole new set of talents…

Which MBA Program is Right for You?

MBA programs are delivered in one of three ways: Traditional classroom, online, or hybrid. Each one has its advantages. Here’s how they work….

I Know I Want an MBA…Now What?

If you’ve decided to move forward and earn an MBA – and you know what kind of program you wish to pursue – it’s time to get all your ducks in a row. Begin preparing for the application process by…

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