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Tuition Reimbursment

Tuition Reimbursement

  • After 12 months of employment at ECPI University, full-time employees are eligible for tuition reimbursement. ECPI University employees and their immediate family members may receive a tuition scholarship for up to 80% of tuition charges.
  • The EPCI University Tuition Scholarship Program covers prerequisite courses as well as certificate and degree programs.


  • After one month of employment, ECPI University faculty and staff may contribute to a 401K plan, administered through Empowerment Retirement.
  • Contributions may be deducted pre- or post-tax, as needed. Elections may be increased, changed, or ended at any time.


  • ECPI University employees receive Paid Time Off (PTO) after sufficient accruement, promoting a healthy work-life balance.
  • Faculty and staff of the university enjoy a range of competitive benefits including health, dental, vision, and life insurance. This includes the option for HSA/FSA spending accounts.

ECPI has great Class Sizes

Careers at ECPI University

Since 1966, the dedicated employees at ECPI University have helped students achieve their goals via hands-on training and career-focused education. We are seeking dynamic, caring professionals ready to make a difference in people’s lives.  

Job satisfaction, benefits, and tuition assistance for your family. That’s what EPCI University is all about: Improving lives through education.   




  • Qualified leads (no door-to-door prospecting)
  • Variable compensation (not commission-based)
  • Rewarding firsthand experience of changing lives
Healthcare Faculty

Healthcare Faculty

  • Train the next generation of healthcare professionals
  • Advanced technological tools aid in teaching complex concepts (Anatomage Tables, etc)
  • Standard business hours and regular student engagement


  • Share real-world knowledge, wisdom, and experiences with students eager to learn
  • Supplemental income for day, evening, weekend, or hybrid class schedules
  • Modern tools and technologies assist in teaching complex technological concepts

Careers at ECPI - Our Purpose

Why Choose ECPI University for your Career Path?

ECPI University is committed to excellence and innovation in education. We are an equal opportunity employer seeking dedicated, caring professionals looking to build a career in the higher education industry. The work we do helps our employees and students achieve their professional goals.  

  • Work environment focused on academic excellence and innovation
  • Collaboration with talented colleagues and dedicated teams
  • Personal and professional growth opportunities
  • Chance to make a difference in academic environments
  • Networking and engagement opportunities

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