Leary Williams, Mechanical Engineering Technology Graduate

An ECPI Education Opens Doors for Veteran and Mechanical Engineering Technology Graduate

Leary Williams’ story begins in Kingston, Jamaica, where he lived with his family until immigrating to the United States with his mom when he was in second grade.

After graduating from high school, community college didn’t work out for Leary. This dead end led him to follow his brother’s path into the military, a decision that provided him with practical experience and skills that would prove beneficial in the years to come.

While on active duty, Leary took the opportunity to further his education by enrolling at ECPI University, utilizing his GI Bill. At ECPI, he balanced his military responsibilities with his academic commitments for a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET), adding theoretical knowledge to his military experience.

“There were already several military service members coming to ECPI. I followed in their footsteps,” said Leary. His fellow service members shared that ECPI is a school where he can graduate faster, a bonus for Leary. The extra support he could receive from faculty and staff was also important to him. Leary knew “it will be challenging, but I have all these resources that they're providing.”

The birth of his son signaled a significant life change, prompting Leary to make the transition to civilian life. “Transitioning out of the military, it was an intimidating process,” he said. Being able to complete his degree at ECPI just few months prior to getting out of the military, “definitely helped to open a few different doors for me,” said Leary. His education allowed him to enter the civilian workforce with confidence.

Today, Leary works remotely in project management at CACI International, a position that leverages his military experience and his bachelor's degree in MET from ECPI ('22). His role in process improvement requires an in-depth understanding of industry terminology and operations, showcasing the value of his educational and professional background.

Proud of his accomplishments and looking forward to his future, “I would've never thought that I would be here,” said Leary. “What ECPI did for me was take that hands-on military operator experience, added the technology theory and design to that from my degree, and opened the doors for hands-on careers and more management style careers like the job I have now.”

Congratulations to Leary, on a journey that truly embodies the transformative power of education.