From Mom to Manufacturing Engineer: Meet Megan Swisher

From Mom to Manufacturing Engineer: Meet Megan Swisher

Over 15 years ago, while working at Hollister Incorporated, a company specializing in ostomy and wound care products, Megan collaborated with engineers on various projects. It was during these interactions that she realized her passion for engineering and decided to pursue her dream.

When choosing a University, Megan opted for ECPI, specifically ECPI Online. The flexibility of online learning and the fast-paced, accelerated program structure perfectly suited her busy life. Megan was able to maintain a full-time job and support her family while working toward her degree. 

Megan's journey had its challenges, especially since she began her studies in 2020, just as the pandemic began. Balancing a full-time job, full-time studies, and homeschooling her five children was no easy task. Megan said, "After that year, I feel like I can handle anything."

One of Megan's favorite aspects of attending ECPI University Online was the hands-on experience offered by the structured courses, even in an online setting. Online simulations allowed her to apply her knowledge in practical scenarios. She appreciated the real-world industry experience brought by ECPI's instructors, making course materials relevant to everyday situations.

Today, Megan serves as a Manufacturing Process Engineer, a role that involves assessing and improving processes, interpreting data, and driving efficiency improvements. She is also an integral part of a global project focused on product development and portfolio expansion.

Megan's passion for her job shines through as she shares, "I love being part of an organization that cares deeply about improving people's lives." Her role as an engineer allows her to see her ideas come to life, work on projects from inception to completion, and witness the tangible results of her and her team's hard work.

Megan's advice to current students at ECPI is to utilize all of their resources. "ECPI has mentors, tutors, professors, and advisors, and they are all there to help you to be successful." 

As Megan reflects on her classes, she states, "Every MET class has helped me in some way shape or form in my career as an Engineer. The classes help you to view things a little differently, help you to think logically, and overall problem solving."

Megan graduated in 2022 with a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering Technology. She is the Online Alumni of the Month for October 2023.