About College of Health Science

Welcome to the College of Health Science. Here, you will meet a team of people dedicated to your success. Our approach is simple: help you earn a degree in a career field that’s on the move.

How do we do it? It’s all about the learning environment. At ECPI University, what you learn in class is quickly applied to real-world situations so you can become an informed and knowledgeable graduate.

If you’re our kind of student, you’re looking for a no-nonsense kind of school. You’re interested in earning a degree and starting your career as soon as possible. You want small class sizes so you can get help when you need it and you learn best by using your hands and actually doing something, not just reading about it. We know that success in the real world is built upon a platform of preparation and it begins the moment you step on campus.

Curriculum Supported by Clinical Technology

The health profession is one that requires professionals who possess strong clinical skills, balanced with care and compassion. At ECPI University, you can receive a comprehensive education that is designed to develop well-rounded healthcare professionals. Using industry-standard health technology and simulation mannequins, we strive to create a real-world experience where you can learn and grow, both in the classroom and clinical environments.

Accelerated Education

You have no time to waste and that’s why we offer accelerated, flexible scheduling which allows you to manage your work and family life and still achieve your educational goals. By attending school year-round, you can earn a bachelor’s degree in 2.5 years or an associate’s in 1.5 years.

Help When You Need It

Our financial aid professionals, student service advisors, career counselors, and tutors are by your side with resources and support…from the moment you arrive on campus until your first day at work.

Clinical Rotations

ECPI University has forged strong relationships with healthcare providers that offer clinical rotations that can reinforce learning and prepare you for your first job.

Career Services

When you begin your search, you can count on our career service advisors to help with resume writing, interview preparation, and job search strategies.