Online Career Services

ECPI University’s Online Career Services department provides essential support long before you begin looking for a job. Our dedicated team of advisors are available to help online students secure externships, develop skills, and identify networking opportunities. Before your job search begins, we provide you the opportunity to develop a set of skills that can serve you well throughout your professional life. They include:

  • Resume Writing
  • Interviewing Techniques
  • Salary Negotiation Skills
  • Alumni Search Service
  • Career Development Workshops

While most of this can be done via phone or Zoom, online students are welcome to take advantage of our highly-popular career fairs at the nearest ECPI University campus. More than 3,800 employers throughout the nation have hired our graduates, so it’s no surprise why so many of them participate in them.

Career Orientation Course

ECPI University offers a preparatory course that allows online students to work with their Career Services Advisor and instructor to build a Professional Portfolio as well as learn career planning skills, professional marketing, and interview best practices. Coming out of this course, the goal is for you to have the tools that you need to be successful in your job search.


An externship provides an opportunity for you to get practical experience working in the field related to your degree program. It is similar to an unpaid internship. Not all programs require an Externship; however, you do have the option to have an externship as an elective for your program.

Professional Certifications

Industry certifications are resume builders. They say that you have met industry standards and can perform at a certain level of expectation which makes you more marketable. Certifications, combined with your degree, can help you enter and advance in your professional career. What’s more, certification preparatory work is embedded in certain courses in your curriculum. Upon completion of these courses, you may be eligible to take a certification exam. These exams can cost hundreds of dollars. However, the undergraduate student out-of-pocket cost is only $15.00, and for alumni, it’s just $20.00 (five vouchers for undergraduate with five additional vouchers upon graduation).


“My advisor was absolutely amazing! She got my name out to several companies and advocated fiercely on my behalf to every one of them.  We finally struck pay-dirt when she got me an interview with Micron Technologies.  I cannot thank her enough for all the help she gave me with interview prep and the hard work she put in looking for a career opportunity for me.”

~Kellen Munden, 2017 Graduate

“With my advisor’s help, I was able to find a job with Baxter Medical Solutions, maintaining automated systems in its warehouse, such as cranes, conveyor belts, and laser-guided vehicles. ECPI University was a life-changing experience and I wouldn’t trade it for any other school. I would absolutely recommend ECPI’s online programs to anybody looking to advance their career and education.”

~Brett Bloomberg, 2017 Graduate

“I gave my advisor specific information about the position I was applying for and she developed a series of questions and put me through two mock interviews. She really went out of her way. Because of the time difference – I was three hours behind – she would work with me after I got off work which was well past 8:00 pm her time. I got the job and my career services advisor is one reason why. That kind of support is just above and beyond the call.”

~Ben Bewley, 2016 Graduate