Homeland Security in Virginia Beach

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Eighteen ships, 12 merchant marine and six escorts, began a convoy away from the safety of Chesapeake Bay on their way to Europe. At 1702 on June 15, 19421, the beachgoers on Virginia Beach, lining the beach to watch the parade of warships, were shaken by the loud explosion of the oil tanker Robert C. Tuttle, followed a half hour later by the explosion of the Esso Augusta2, another tanker. Both convoy ships had been crippled by German mines laid at America's watery front door by Nazi U-boats. Virginia Beach has felt firsthand the need for homeland security, and to this day, the city has an important role to play in protecting our country.

Homeland Security and the Atlantic Ocean

Virginia Beach's luxuriously long pleasure beach belies the undercurrent of peril our country faces. Men and women work around the clock safeguarding our shores and watching for threats, whether by internet hacking, through terrorist networks, or through traditional transportation routes.

The shipyards and ports around Virginia Beach are in need of constant monitoring. Training to take on the immense job of homeland security begins with a solid education at ECPI University's Virginia Beach campus.

Working on Your Degree: Campus Life

You can live in Virginia Beach and attend school at ECPI University, drinking in the excitement and quick pulse of campus life. Students and faculty are always busy with practical projects, externships, clubs, and volunteer activities.

You may find your studies tie directly to the Criminal Justice Club, where you can find like-minded fellow students who share your passion. You may find time to give back to the Hampton Roads community, too, with volunteer work for notable causes such as First Step, Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia, and Junior Achievement.

The campus at 5555 Greenwich Road is conveniently located close to I-264 and the fabled beach and boardwalk. When you attend ECPI University to pursue your homeland security bachelor's degree, you will likely spend 2.5 years working hard, tapping into Virginia Beach's attractions, and learning how to defend our country against terrorists and hostile nations.

Business Partnerships in Virginia Beach

Because ECPI University is so tightly tied to the local community, our faculty forges strong links to area businesses, creating externship opportunities for students to apply their classroom learning in real-life situations. Companies in Hampton Roads that partner with ECPI University include:

  • 360IT Partners
  • Cox Communications
  • Liberty Tax
  • Portfolio Recovery Associates

Local Career Opportunities for Homeland Security

Homeland security is not clustered exclusively around airports or our nation's capital. From Chesapeake and Portsmouth to Norfolk and Suffolk, the call to be ever-vigilant means opportunity for smart, well-trained students of criminal justice. Companies in the area that hire in the Homeland Security sector include:

  • CACI, Inc.
  • General Dynamics
  • Leidos
  • Paragon Systems, Inc.

Uncle Sam, Now Hiring

Employment need not be exclusively through the Department of Homeland Security, or even the federal government. While a recent graduate with a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice and a concentration in homeland security could find work at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), National Security Agency (NSA), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Secret Service, or other departments. Work is also available in:

  • Private industry
  • State and local governments
  • Police, sheriff and fire departments

Many Hats, One Profession

Homeland Security is a multifaceted sector. After studying at ECPI University's Virginia Beach campus, the new graduate may find interesting work in information security, crime scene investigation, or the juvenile justice system. Protecting infrastructure and ideas, safeguarding seaports and shopping centers, and detecting thefts and terrorists are all part of the job with homeland security.

ECPI University's Homeland Security Degree Program

Our Program at a Glance

The 2.5-year program is an intensive immersion into the varied aspects of criminal justice, all presented against the backdrop of the vibrant, fun city that is Virginia Beach. After learning the core curriculum, you also choose 15 credit hours of electives from a very long list of choices. Some typical classes:

  • Crime Mapping
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Legal Issues in Homeland Security

Virginia Beach is on the Front Line

Upon graduation from ECPI University, you can take your skills over to the Newport News shipyards, to any of the many government installations in the area, or into Washington, D.C. You can find your perfect spot protecting people or property, or you may want to work quietly in the background, uncovering clues, and tracking terrorists. Virginia Beach, like any major city, is always a front line in the battle for homeland security. With the training you receive by attending ECPI University in Virginia Beach, you could learn to:

  • Present corrective actions in the face of data breaches
  • Evaluate evidence in criminal or civil cases
  • Analyze human behavior and predict impacts on crime
  • Use scientific methods to analyze crime itself

Get on the Front Lines with a Degree in Homeland Security

The threats are all around us, and they never abate. Your role in our homeland security begins with a call to ECPI University, to learn more about the Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Homeland Security. After graduation perhaps, sometime in the future, though you may simply appear to be one of many Virginia Beach casual beachgoers, you will have the unique skills and training to spot trouble and react appropriately. Contact ECPI University today!