7 Latest Innovations in Robotics Countless robots are already contributing to higher quality products and shorter turnaround times in the manufacturing sector.

The machines have long moved out of research labs to venture into new spheres. They are expected to continue the epic migration towards pharmacies, the automotive sector, and more. Countless robots are already contributing to higher quality products and shorter turnaround times in the manufacturing sector.

These robots are proving to be effective at basic tasks and jobs. Robots are prone to fewer errors, require less downtime, and are more cost-effective. As a result, they enjoy higher retention rates. But with every machine, there has to be someone to operate it and repair it should it break down. This is where people trained in the field of mechatronics come in.

Here are some of the latest robotics innovations, repaired and maintained by skilled mechatronics engineering technologists.

1. Google's worker robots

Google is planning to produce worker robots with personalities. The technology giant recently won a patent for the ambitious project. Engineers will enable the machines to download personalities from a cloud-based system. The robots have the capacity to store and display multiple personalities when interacting with humans.

2. Multi-tasking bots

Momentum Machines developed a multi-tasking bot capable of preparing a gourmet hamburger in as little as 10 seconds. If all goes well, the robot could eventually be used in fast food restaurants.

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3. UR3 arm

An automated device created by Universal Robots known as UR3 can build its own replacement parts on the fly. The cute and nimble robot can handle a variety of tasks, such as gluing, painting, soldering, and grasping.

4. Saul Robot

Saul Robot is designed to help fight deadly diseases like the Ebola virus. The machine was deployed by the Air Force to eliminate the Ebola virus in rooms where quarantine procedures are conducted on aid workers. Developed by Xenex, Saul eradicates traces of Ebola using powerful pulses of highly energetic ultraviolet rays. It breaks down and weakens cell walls of the virus.

5. Asus Zenbo

Asus Zenbo is a low-cost robot capable of rolling around autonomously, and it understands verbal commands. Asus developed the device to help individuals remember daily tasks, such as exercise and medication schedules as well as doctor's appointments. Zenbo can also monitor the surroundings to detect any emergencies. It is capable of connecting to smart-home components like security cameras, lights, and door locks.

6. Paro

Paro is a therapeutic robot with the appearance of a baby harp seal. The furry device is intended to help lower stress levels and stimulate interaction between caregivers and patients. It has proven effective when it comes motivating and assisting patients to relax. The psychological effects are drawn from the documented benefits of animal therapy. It comes with five different sensors, including posture, light, tactile, audition, and temperature sensors.

7. Pepper

Pepper is a talking humanoid robot that adapts its attitude based on how it perceives the mood of humans around it. The device detects emotional states like sadness, surprise, joy, and anger. It responds in a natural and appropriate fashion. Pepper uses multi-directional microphones to detect sounds.

The clever machine analyzes the lexical field to assess tone of voice. This allows it to accurately understand emotional context. For vision, Pepper employs a combination of 2HD and 3D cameras to recognize shape of objects. Its developers embedded up to 20 engines in the head, back, and arms to regulate movements.

Education and Training in Mechatronics

The majority of employment opportunities for robotics technicians require at least a bachelor's degree in relevant fields. In order to be competitive in this field, one must have education and training in the following areas:

  • Software logic and design
  • Programming
  • Data communications and networking
  • Electric circuits
  • Physics
  • Instrumentation and measurement
  • Microcontrollers
  • And much more

7 Latest Innovations in Robotics

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