Advanced Manufacturing Technology Opportunities in the Carolinas

Advanced Manufacturing Technology Opportunities in the Carolinas

There’s no argument that a formal education is important in almost every profession, and that includes mechatronics engineering technology. You’ll find the education and training you can receive in an electronics engineering technician program could give you a competitive edge in the East Coast job market.

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Industry Specialization an Option

The American Society of Manufacturing Engineers (ASME) is a non-profit membership organization that offers information about the opportunities in this exciting and growing industry. Five areas you might consider in advanced manufacturing/engineering include:

  • Control Sensors Development: Autonomous automobiles and enhanced safety features are a booming business. 
  • Medical Device Design and Manufacturing: Every facet of the healthcare industry is growing, and that includes development and manufacturing.
  • Supply Chain Strategy: “Mechanical engineers have the background,” to deal with the mechanics of supply chain delivery and distribution, says one authority.
  • Sustainability Manufacturing: Environmentally responsible solutions will continue to be a focal point in the advanced engineering sector. If you can find a way to recycle anything manufactured or used in production, you’ll be considered a visionary.
  • Welding Engineering: “Laser is expanding at a very high rate and you have to consider fusion welding as on the move as well,” says Richard Trillwood, CEO and Founder of Electron Beam Engineering.

South Carolina a Leader in Advanced Manufacturing

The South Carolina Department of Commerce says this area of the country is one of the world’s “top producers of complex products." In 2016, eleven percent of South Carolina’s employment was in the manufacturing sector.

From premium automobiles and appliances to boats and aircraft, each time a finished product rolls off an assembly line in this state, it helps solidify South Carolina’s reputation as a location that truly is just right for advanced manufacturing.

South Carolina Future Makers is for people who want to be part of the interconnected, developing world of advanced manufacturing and technology. 

North Carolina

Education is key: An Electronics Engineering Technology (EET/Mechatronics) degree not only makes you more marketable, it gives you a greater range of options because of the well-rounded and general-knowledge curriculum offered. The need for advanced manufacturing professionals is opportunity waiting to happen for men and women with undergraduate degrees in electronics engineering technology. Post-graduate jobs can include:

  • Associate Application Technician
  • Associate, Investment Analytics and Data
  • Design Engineer I
  • Electrical Engineer
  • EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility) Engineer
  • Field Service Engineer I
  • GEEM Design Engineer I
  • Project Engineer I, II, III – Automation
  • Sales Development Program Intern
  • Sr. Electrical Design Engineer I
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • Wireless Electrical Support Q&A Professional

Raleigh/Durham offered more than 400 electrical engineering positions as of January 2018, with job titles that included:

  • Electrical Engineering Internship
  • Engineering Technician, Technician I, Technician II, Senior Engineering Technician
  • Engineering/Architectural Technician
  • Facilities Electrical Technician
  • Geotechnical Engineering Technician
  • Industrial Electrical Controls Technician

The Quality of Education

Some of the soft skills and qualities you can develop during your education and training are:

  • Concentration: Keep track of multiple design elements
  • Initiative: Apply knowledge to every project; pursue continuing education to keep up-to-date with technological changes
  • Interpersonal skills: Work with others during the manufacturing process, including monitoring technicians/problem-solving
  • Math skills: Use calculus/other advanced math principles to analyze, design, and troubleshoot equipment
  • Speaking skills: Work closely with other engineers/technicians to explain designs/relay instructions; may need to explain complex issues to customers
  • Writing skills: Develop technical publications related to equipment as well as design methods documents

Advanced Manufacturing Technology Career Opportunities in the Carolinas

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