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Whereas web designers usually deal only with the front-end side of a website to create its design, appearance, and branding, web developers are tech-savvy professionals who make the website complete and operational by working on all of the necessary back-end functions in addition to developing the website front-end. This involves writing various code as well as crafting the technical function of a website. 

While there are always a few tech-tuned individuals that will excel within a short span of time, most web developers will discover that it'll take around 4 or 5 years before they are able to stand out as a prominent professional within the industry. Of course, an important aspect of a web developer's measurable success is the technical skillset and knowledge he or she obtains through an accredited education program. 

Not every degree in web development is the same, as some programs will offer specialized concentrations, some of which fail to give students a robust and holistic education that'll prepare them for a variety of industries that are in high demand for web developers. Alternatively, many programs will teach a curriculum that's outdated, incomplete, or in some cases both.

So as you research your options, consider the following 3 major things you should look for in a web development degree:

1. Courses in Interactive Website Development and Database Integration.  

Prominent aspects of most any highly successful e-commerce, social, or informational website involve it having interactive capabilities with database integrations. This is not a fad, but rather a trend that will increase in popularity as more and more users appreciate the user-friendliness and accurate results obtained with such websites and databases.

interactive web development and database integrationStatic websites are soon to be relics of the 20th century. Unfortunately such websites and their development still play a major role in many of the outdated programs available in post-secondary degrees.

As you research your program, check for courses designed to help students develop skills related to multimedia programming, scripting, and database design and integration. These technical skills can help you better understand how to create modern websites that utilize user-friendly drop-down menus, quick response times, and multimedia that is best able to entertain, inform, and ultimately sell products to customers.

2. Courses in Mobile Computing and Application Development.  

mobile computing and app developmentIn the future, most device sales will be on mobile devices such as smartphones, netbooks, and tablets that allow users to quickly and easily access their favorite websites and content from almost anywhere. For example, mobile users considering a service or product for purchase can easily access other consumer reviews and use them to make a purchasing decision while they're away from home. 

As such scenarios become more commonplace, businesses are increasing their reliance on web developers to ensure that their websites are just as streamlined, efficient, and accurate when accessed by mobile devices as when they are accessed using a traditional laptop or desktop computer. This makes it extremely important for students enrolling in a web development program to choose one that highlights courses in mobile computing and application development in order to prepare them for the anticipated high growth within this industry.

3. Externship Courses in Computer Information Science.  

Generally, externship courses are offered as electives; however, they provide a critical cornerstone of a web developer's education. The purpose of externships are to provide students first-hand insights into the type of work they'll be expected to perform as they enter their career. While they are generally unpaid, externships do earn course credits and in some cases can result in a paying job. 

A program with an externship for web developers will generally have to be approved and managed by the advisor of the student's desired concentration area. The student will be expected to complete a set number of hours of on-the-job work assignments in order to earn credit hours and provide paperwork for aspects related to the position such as weekly observations and project timelines. 


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