Distance Learning for Cyber Security: How does it Work?

Distance Learning for Cyber Security: How does it Work?

If you're researching online cyber security degrees you might be wondering about how distance learning even works. Many prospective students have questions about online learning and whether or not it's the right choice for them. Let's take a look at some of the basics about online education for a cyber security degree.

Online Cyber Security Degree

Getting a bachelor's degree in cyber security is required for anyone wishing to become a part of the cyber security profession. Within the program, students learn about applied cryptography, computer networking, hacking, and various operating systems.

Enrolling in an online college that offers cyber security programs means all the study is done online. Students chat with other students and teachers through online forums, and can crack passwords as part of the assignments. They also will probably learn about programming languages and anti-virus software. Lab work might consist of virtual machines on which students can run tests and reverse engineer software to report the results.

Advantages of Online Learning

While online learning is a recent development in the field of education, it offers several advantages to students:

Flexible Schedule

Students who already have a job, a family, or other duties often take online courses. Online learning lets them schedule their classes to fit around their regular schedules without interfering with their other responsibilities.

Home Comfort

All the learning is done at home or any other location that has an internet connection. This negates the need to stay hunched over your seat for hours in a traditional classroom. Instead, students have the freedom to move about in their own personal space without having to ask for permission from the teacher. Some students also can enjoy learning with the background noise of a TV show or their favorite album. The method of study is completely in the hands of the student.

One-on-One Coaching

If you're having problems or just need some help with a troublesome subject, online instructors offer virtual office hours where students can interact with them one-on-one and get personalized assistance without leaving their homes.

Virtual Study Group

Since the college is online, the student community is also found online. The students of a class can form a forum for themselves where all the information related to their subject is collected. These forums contain reading materials, past exam papers, answers to frequently asked questions and all the other kinds of peer-support that a student may need to do well in the program.

Accelerated Courses

Most online learning programs offer courses that get completed within months rather than years. This is because online schools don't have to budget for holidays, day offs, summer vacation, etc. while drawing up a learning schedule. As a result, the coursework gets covered much quicker. This fast pace of learning is also advantageous to the students who already have a job, since they can complete the program quickly and receive their degree to rise further up the ladder in their profession.

Qualities of a Remote Learning Student

Receiving an education through a distance learning program is different from going to a traditional college. Here are the qualities you must possess in order to do well in the online learning environment:


Since there is little supervision over your learning, you will need to be your own supervisor. In order to do so, you must have the self-discipline needed to not become distracted by other matters when you need to be focusing on your study material.

Organization Skills

All the study material will be provided for you, in addition to instructions on how to use it. After that, it is up to you to create a schedule that allows you to spend time on your coursework while also attending to your other responsibilities.

Writing Skills

Any questions you have will need to be asked online, and for that you need to be able to write out your thoughts and questions clearly enough for your instructor and fellow students to understand.

Taking Initiative

At the end of the day, how much you learn from your online cyber security course will depend on how much effort you put into it. You will need to take it upon yourself to go seek out answers to your questions regarding coursework, without waiting for the teacher to come to you.

Distance Learning for Cyber Security: How does it Work?

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