Is getting an MBA online a good idea?

Students that have earned a bachelor's-level business degree and would like to continue their education by pursuing an MBA have a choice to make. Advances in technology require colleges and universities to adapt to offer online courses, so students have to choose whether to take classes in-seat or online. There are universities that offer MBA degrees online but how do students decide if they are a good fit? What are the benefits of getting an MBA online?


Earning an MBA Online Could Mean Greater Flexibility

People taking college classes, especially higher level degree classes like an MBA, have a lot going on in life. By that point, they might be married, have a full-time job, own a house, and have kids. Trying to find time to fit college classes into this can be stressful at best and traditional classes have set times that can be hard to commit to. Aside from class time, there still needs to be time set aside for homework and studying. Time restrictions can interrupt and extend a degree from a couple years to several.

Taking classes online can reduce the stress of schedule interruptions that traditional classes put on students. People can work coursework into their daily lives where it fits best, such as after work and on weekends. 27% of online students are employed full-time, meaning they don't have to give up work for school [ Tweet Click to Tweet This ]. If something comes up, the class time can be moved around because the student has more power over the scheduling. 71% of students who have taken online classes say that they believe it has increased flexibility versus traditional classes [ Tweet Click to Tweet This ]. Online students are able to increase their choice of schools while decreasing the time spent commuting and sitting in class.

Earning an MBA Could Also Increase Your Career Potential

Most students that have earned a bachelor's degree in business have great opportunities for a successful career. However, those that want to go farther like to know that the extra work put into education will benefit their career. Statistics show that individuals who earn master's degrees will earn more money than those with bachelor's degrees. On average, those with a master's degree earn $1,000 more per month than with a bachelor's degree [ Tweet Click to Tweet This ], according to the Pew Research Center.

According to Pew, job success and promotion is also tied to degree level in some ways. For the most part, lower-level jobs tend to have lower starting educational requirements than higher-level jobs. To get the higher-level jobs with less education tends to require a great deal of work experience and dedication to a single company. Even then, it may never happen. A much faster way to break into high-level jobs is with a high-level degree like an MBA.

Top Executive Median Annual SalaryThe Bureau of Labor Statistics also lists "top executive" as a business degree occupation, which would be similar to a CEO or president of a company. The BLS further states that the best way to become a top executive is either with a bachelor's degree and considerable work experience or a master's degree (MBA). It also mentions that most top executives for big companies have an MBA degree. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary in 2012 for a top executive was $101,650. This shows that pursuing an MBA with the cost and time benefits of doing it online is a great way to improve job potential and salary.

Are Online Classes Comparable to Traditional?

When considering an online MBA degree, students often question similarities to the education they would receive in person. According to a study done in 2011 by Zogby, a polling organization, businesses that were familiar with online degrees accepted them as much as traditional degrees and 83% of executives had similar feelings about online degrees. Other than face to face interaction, the information tends to be very similar to what students in a traditional classroom would receive.

Choosing an Online University for Your MBA

The best way to find out if an online MBA degree is a good fit for you is to do your research! If you are interested in getting an MBA degree 100% online, contact ECPI University today to learn how you could earn a Master of Business Administration through our accelerated, year-round schedule. It could be the Best Decision You Ever Make!

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