Virginia Beach Job Fair Hosted by ECPI University

Virginia Beach Job Fair Hosted by ECPI University

ECPI University Hosts Job Fair for Career-Minded Students

On Wednesday, March 22, ECPI University hosted a Career Fair at its Virginia Beach Campus for ECPI University Alumni and current students.  Dozens of employers attended the job fair to talk to ECPI University students and alumni about their career aspirations. Career opportunities for all of the five colleges (Technology, Nursing, Health Science, Business & Criminal Justice, and Culinary Arts) were present with three floors of display tables and onsite recruiters to answer questions, submit resumes to and to explain more about the career prospects for each company.

Texas Instruments looks for Self-Starters

The highly acclaimed technology company, Texas Instruments, was looking to fill a variety of positions that require electronics engineering technology and mechatronics skills. They want someone who is not only skilled, but also a team player and proactive in solving problems. The combination of technical and soft skills, make someone with these attributes a great candidate for Texas Instruments!

Criminal Justice Majors Need Determination and Grit to Work in the Field!

Several police departments and security guard agencies from Hampton Roads were present at the job fair. The Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Department is looking for candidates who are mature, mentally and physically able to perform the job duties, as well as up for the challenge of police work. Top Dog Security recruits for both armed and unarmed security guards (although you have to be an unarmed guard in order to be an armed guard). They require their guards to pass a drug test and have no criminal background, among other qualifications.

Computer Science and Information Science Majors Need Cutting-Edge Skills!

Several employers were looking for individuals with computer skills. The Virginia Beach Public School System needed help desk technicians, support staff, and net technicians. The appointments ranged from entry-level to very experienced. SSi IT Staffing was also on campus.  They provide IT recruiting services  to a variety of businesses all over the Hampton Roads Area. From direct hires to 6 month contracts, they have a wide range of needs for qualified IT professionals and recent graduates!

A Resounding Success!

Dozens of students and graduates were able to interact with employers during the job fair, making it possible to for employers to meet the dedicated, experienced graduates ECPI University is producing and being able to add them to their teams. With two large career fairs a year, ECPI University students don't have to look far for the excited employers who are eager to hire them.

ECPI University Hosts Job Fair for Career-Minded Students

Are you looking for not just a job, but a career? ECPI University offers degree programs in five colleges and is focused on helping students find employers through job fairs and career services. If you’d like to learn more about these exciting opportunities, be sure to contact a friendly admissions advisor today.

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