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This is a circle of life story, one where a student enters college knowing little about his chosen field, is set on the path of lifelong learning, and then returns to share his knowledge with others. Doesn’t that sound great? Isn’t that how education should work? That’s exactly what happened with Jerry Thorsell.

Jerry knew very little about computers when he enrolled at the Charleston campus. Attracted by ECPI University’s accelerated, year-round programs, he quickly got to work and earned his Associate’s, then Bachelor’s degrees in Network Security along with an impressive list of professional certifications.

Following graduation, Jerry began working as a Network Technician at an IT firm. Because he had already earned so many certifications, his boss saw his commitment to professional development – something instilled in him during his time on campus. So, the company offered to pay for him to return to ECPI University to earn his Cloud Computing concentration.

Now a Senior Network Administrator in the manufacturing industry, Jerry is an accomplished professional in his field. Recently, he was asked to return to campus, not as a student but as a member of the campus’ Program Advisory Board. He and other IT professionals provide insight into industry developments and offer recommendations to modify curriculum in order to meet real world demands.

Jerry is also serving as a mentor through the externship program. He has also helped orchestrate the donation of equipment, including Cisco routers and switches, and has organized real-world learning experiences for ECPI University students.

The best part of Jerry’s story is that it is somewhat common. Students begin their academic careers at ECPI University with varying levels of knowledge. They study hard and develop their skills, then graduate, and work their way up. So, while Jerry’s story may not be completely unique, it is a testament to ECPI University’s educational approach: hands on learning while on campus, lifelong learning afterward, and a commitment to helping others find their path.

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