ECPI University Rams Play Full Week in Esports as all Teams Fight Hard

ECPI University Rams Play Full Week in Esports as all Teams Fight Hard

The ECPI University Rams had a full esports week with two Rocket League matches, a Hearthstone match and two Overwatch matches. The Rams went 1-4 in those matches and all were very competitive.

The two Rocket League matches were against Northwest Christian University and Mount St. Joseph. The Rams scored 15 goals in three matches in its win against Northwest Christian. Both Christian "Uxority" Loran and Christopher "DeCareaux9" DeCareaux recorded hat tricks in Game 1, with five of the eight goals scored in the final 1:33 of the match, including three goals in 26 seconds.

In the match against Mount St. Joseph, the Rams lost 3-1, but all matches were tight. Christian "Uxority" Loran raised his season total to 19 goals on 41 shots during the series, both team-leading.

About Uxority, Coach JJ "THEMISSINGWARD" Myers said, "Uxority is awesome offensively and has done a phenomenal job scoring. As a team, we could do a better job all-around of setting up easy shots."

The Hearthstone match was a 3-0 loss to Penn State Tuesday, October 1. The Rams were hit with an unlucky run of RNG. In Game 2, the Nittany Lions played Mutate, which changes a minion into a card of one more mana cost. Penn State landed a minion with a 7/7 stat line by Turn 4. In Game 3, the Nittany Lions were able to build an 8/6 stat line Ursatron by Turn 4 using a couple of magnetic cards. The Ursatron had both taunt and Lifesteal, allowing the Nittany Lions to heal and protect their health points.

The ECPI University Rams fell to Ottawa University, 2-0, and to the University of South Carolina Sumter, 2-0, on Saturday, October 5. Both Best of 3 series were hard-fought and the Rams have positives to take away from both matches.

In one of the most notable plays, William "Cyphusb" Bing and Andre "AchillesWG" Vargas combined for double kill and ultimate shutdown that flipped the capture point for the Rams and eventually won the map point.

This upcoming week, the Rams have another full slate of esports matches you can watch. The Rocket League team plays on Monday, October 7, and Thursday, October 10. The Hearthstone team plays Tuesday, October 8 and Overwatch plays a double header on Saturday, October 12.

All matches are broadcasted on ECPI University's Twitch Channel

ECPI University Rams Play Full Week in Esports as all Teams Fight Hard

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Do You Shine in Overwatch? Can You Score Goals in Rocket League?

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