ECPI University Ranked #1 for Military and Veteran Education

Honor Marks 8 Straight Years on Military Times Best for Vets List

Each year, Military Times ranks the best colleges and universities for veterans and military service members, and for the second straight year, ECPI University has been ranked number one in the nation. Designated for excellence in the Career and Technical Colleges category, Military Times ranks schools based on the results of its annual survey, a comprehensive school-by-school assessment of veteran and military student services and rates of academic achievement.

Best Colleges 2019 is an editorially independent news project that evaluates the many variables that determine academic success among military and veteran students. Broadly speaking, Military Times states that institutions are evaluated in five categories: university culture, student support, academic policies, academic outcomes/quality, and cost and financial aid. Other factors include:

  • Enrollment
  • Presence of a Vet Center on Campus
  • TA Eligibility
  • Accreditation
  • GI Bill Gap Coverage/Yellow Ribbon Program Participation
  • Retention Rate
  • Graduation Rate

"It is so rewarding to be selected as the best Career and Technical College for Veterans in the nation," says ECPI University Executive Director of Military Education Bill Brown. "This is no small achievement and is a goal we stay focused on in all we do as a university because when we do, it means we are working as hard as possible to take care of our military and veteran students. It's nice to be part of a university that takes the pledge of caring for them seriously and does what is needed to make sure actions speak louder than words. We listen to our students and take their input with great regard which helps us to make sure that our programs and services are meeting their expectations and helping them get the most they can from their education."

To get a sense of what makes ECPI University special, you need to hear from a graduate, someone like Jason Powell who came from a family of college-bound siblings. He watched as two brothers and a sister went straight from high school to college and then straight into debt. Jason, however, took a different path. He enlisted in the Air Force, thinking it a better way to get his education paid for.

After visiting several schools, he found just the right balance between curriculum, student support, and focus on military and veteran education at ECPI University. "I think it says a lot that ECPI has been ranked number one or close to it year after year by the Military Times, and I was really impressed by the relationships they had with employers, not just for finding a job after graduation, but to have the chance to learn in a real-world setting during an externship," he says.

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Jason enrolled in the Cyber and Network Security program at the Newport News, Virginia campus and got straight to work. He's now in his final term and already has a job waiting for him with AMEOT, an IT service company also in Newport News. "I feel very well prepared for the job," says Jason. "Everything we did was geared to the real world. My professors all had a ton of experience in their professions. In fact, one day we were using a CISCO manual and I looked down at the page and noticed that one of the chapters had been written by my teacher!"

"I can't say enough about my experience at ECPI. Even the way the classes were structured seemed like it was all done with veterans in mind. The hands-on approach, the accelerated format, it was all very similar to the way we trained in the Air Force."

While he is just a few weeks from completing his program, Jason's formal graduation ceremony will have to wait until this upcoming spring. When he walks across the stage, however, he will do so with honors, graduating summa cum laude.

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