ECPI Supports VeteransCampus Director of Student Affairs Gloria Hicks was watching the news. She kept seeing stories about veterans returning home only to find no jobs. “All those veterans not knowing what they were going to do, it just bothered me so much,” says Hicks.

She began talking to members of the campus chapter of the Student Veterans of America. Then, she met Connie Inggs, Director of the USO of Raleigh-Durham who suggested a job fair. As discussions progressed, it became clear that a comprehensive approach was needed. The campus team designed an event filled with resources, including workshops for resume writing, interviewing skills, networking, education, stress meditation, and tips for transitioning to civilian life.

Staff reached out to the local Veterans Administration, National Guard, and nearby military installations to notify local veterans. More than 130 of them showed up, along with 30 employers. Laurence Serrone was among those in attendance. An ECPI University Network Security graduate, he was offered a position with Verizon that very day.

“It was a terrific experience,” says Laurence. “It really feels good when you know that people appreciate your service and they are willing to help.”

“The USO’s mission is to lift the spirit of our troops and their families, so events like these are essential to fulfilling that commitment,” says Inggs. “It’s clear that ECPI University shares our passion and is, therefore, an ideal partner.”*** “It was a real privilege to partner with the USO of North Carolina, says Hicks. Our brave service members sacrifice so much for all of us; we were honored to be of service to them.”

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