Director of Financial Assistance Celebrates 35th Anniversary

Kathi Turner celebrates her 35 year anniversary!When Kathi Turner began working at ECPI University, John Lennon topped the charts, Raiders of the Lost Ark was number one at the box office, and ECPI University had one campus. Thirty-five years later, much has changed. Most notably, ECPI University now has campus locations in 15 cities across three states. One thing that has not changed: Kathi Turner is still providing students with sage advice and steady guidance.

Now the Virginia Beach Campus Director of Financial Assistance, Kathi is among the most respected people on campus. “Kathi is ECPI right to the core,” says Virginia Beach Campus President Kevin Paveglio. “She typifies the culture of our university…a can-do attitude that won’t quit until the job is done.”

Overcoming Barriers

For Kathi, it’s more than a job. She truly relates to “her” students and for good reason. “Many of our students struggle to make ends meet,” says Kathi. “I know what that feels like. I was a single mother raising two children. I had to put off my own college education until they were all grown up.” That’s why Kathi strives to create a compassionate atmosphere in her office and among her team of advisors. “We have students who face many barriers,” she says. “It’s our job to help them overcome those barriers”

Each year, Kathi’s entire team serves as greeters at graduation.

“I want all of us to see the fruits of our labor,” says Kathi. “This is what it’s all about, what we are working for every day…to help each student reach the finish line and graduate.”

ECPI University group shot wiith Kathi TurnerAt her recent 35th anniversary party, dozens of faculty and staff gathered to honor Kathi and her enduring commitment to ECPI University and its students. Chris Craig, from the IT Services Department, even came in on his day off. “She is always so helpful and pleasant,” says Chris. “I wanted to join everyone in letting her know how much she is appreciated.”

While Kathi has six grandchildren – all out of town – and tries to spend as much time as she can with them – she does not plan to retire quite yet. That’s just fine with Kevin Paveglio. “She is my ‘go-to’ person,” says Mr. Paveglio. “Every leader needs a trusted advisor, someone who will always tell them what they think. There are so many regulations in financial aid, and they are always changing. Kathi is steadfast and determined that we do things the right way. I sleep well at night knowing she’s in charge.”

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