earning an EET degree onlinePursuing a career in electronics engineering could prove to be a sound decision. Electrical systems form the lifeblood of modern civilization as they facilitate communication, transportation, and energy. These fields of employment are often seeking new technicians, engineers, and creative minds to progress and preserve the global infrastructure. It’s somewhat poetic that the most important development of electrical systems, the internet, has made an education in Electronics Engineering Technology (EET) accessible to an ever-increasing number of people.

Online EET programs vary by institution but the best ones offer comprehensively-structured bachelor’s degree tracks that allow you to prepare for employment in many fields within electronics engineering technology upon graduation.

Online Programs in Electronics Engineering Technology

Online courses have evolved to offer a very personalized education with faculty members using technology like video conferencing, chat, and text to maintain solid contact with students. Academics are complemented by extensive online libraries, which can offer more materials than conventional libraries.

Hands-on courses are replaced by industry-standard simulation software and utilize web-based networks to make even more instructional content accessible. Online programs in EET focus on training the student to:

  • Analyze problems and malfunctions in electrical systems through the use of calibrated measurement instruments, system schematics, and a thorough understanding of an electrical system’s components
  • Manage electrical systems by studying their rate of entropy, developing maintenance schedules, and developing replacements or upgrades for the varying components
  • Implement solutions within the boundaries of safety regulations, warranty policies, state certification or quality control standards
  • Invent and Engineer new products, strategies, and solutions to the most difficult problems in electronics engineering today

EET Careers

electronics engineering technologist salaryThe median wage for an electronics engineering technician is $57, 850, according to a 2012 study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics BLS. Entry level employment is expected to remain steady in the following industries for technicians, engineers, project managers and product developers:

  • Telecommunications jobs ranging from the manufacture of high-end mobile devices and satellites, to the supervision and maintenance of servers have become essential to the modern approach to everyday life. The importance of reliable transfer of medical data at hospitals is the perfect example.
  • Manufacturing of everything electronic from toys and computers to robotic prosthetics require not only skilled craftsmen, but also dedicated and imaginative minds to push the fields further.
  • Aerospace industries in the private sector are interested in career employees with a strong sense of dedication and a thorough foundation in the science and craft of electronics to streamline their electrical systems.
  • Military and Defense agencies like Homeland Security are constantly looking to tomorrow's workforce to fill their entry level positions, with the hopes of furthering careers and the integrity of the country’s workforce.

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